The AI Assistant is Here

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Introducing the AI Assistant in GoReact, a powerful new AI-enhanced feature carefully developed with learning and coaching as a priority. With the AI Assistant, learners will receive initial insights through AI-generated feedback, allowing for more practice, more enhanced self-reflection, and accelerated skill development. This means coaches, mentors, and supervisors will spend less time delivering repetitive feedback and more time presenting expert insights and personalized coaching.

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How AI Unlocks Self-Directed Learning with GoReact

Accelerate Skill Mastery with Deeper Engagement

Allow coaches to facilitate deeper, more personalized guidance by providing learners with initial insights they need to refine their skills with AI-generated feedback.

Empower Learner Led Skill Development

Promote deliberate practice and self-reflection by providing learners with timely and targeted feedback generated by AI.

Deliver More Impactful Feedback in Less Time

Give coaches more time to deliver expert insights and personalized instruction by leveraging AI-powered automations that speed up repetitive feedback and deliver insightful analytics.