2022 CIT Conference

If you aren’t already using GoReact, use the form below to request a demo. See how GoReact video assessment software brings together video + feedback to empower confident skills in any discipline. When you complete the demo, we’ll send you a $20 Amazon gift card.

About the Demo

We’ll show you how GoReact improves the student experience across campus by making it easier for every student to learn through experience. Learn how using GoReact can help you:

Show & Tell With Audio/Video Feedback

Sign language learners need to see handshapes and facial-body expressions. Help all learners achieve total immersion with time-coded audio/video feedback in GoReact.

Increase Proficiency With Practice & Self-Reflection

With GoReact, students aren’t limited by class time. In groups or individually, they can get conversational, inflective, and expressive on video then review and reflect on their skills.

More Signing Practice, More Confident Interpreters

Fluency in sign language comes from practice. Using GoReact for video + feedback gives sign language learners a flexible way to practice and demonstrate their interpreting skills from anywhere—with audio/video feedback for targeted improvement.

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Future-Proof Your Interpreter Training Program

Even in face-to-face courses, the old-school way of assessing language proficiency is too time-consuming and inflexible. Using GoReact saves time, increases flexibility, and equips your interpreter training program with multimodal tools for the future of sign language education.