Use GoReact at No Charge Through June 30th 

1. Departments can onboard and use GoReact at no extra charge through June 30th. Your institution can use GoReact for as many departments, courses, instructors, and students as you need, for free.

2. During this time of transition, our customer success team stands ready to offer free training resources and quick start webinars.

3. We can help you with demos and supportive information about GoReact, what others have done with it and how GoReact works. 

We've been hearing from universities and colleges across the world who are moving courses online to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We know there is urgency around this issue, and we’re here to help you maintain continuity in your courses. 

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To do our part, GoReact is extending these additional resources and support to colleges and universities:

What GoReact Can Do

Transition your classroom activities and evaluations to online

Does your course have in-class assignments or activities where you observe, give feedback, and grade students performing a skill? 

This can be anything from student teaching observations, group presentations, musical performances, speaking in a foreign language, mock interviews, or clinical observations. 

GoReact can help you as you transition these in-class activities online. 

Feedback and Self-Reflection

Help Students Become Confident and Self-Aware

Research indicates that recording students helps them overcome anxiety and gain confidence. Seeing feedback at exactly the right moment is the key to true self-awareness—which is the secret to rapid skill development.

 Just to be clear, many schools are working to solve multiple "continuity of learning" challenges. We recommend using your school's core video infrastructure for lecture capture and streaming. 

Use GoReact for all your video assignments and assessments. Have your students record their assignments and you can leave time-coded comments for them to review now or later. 

Video Coaching

Use The Devices You Already Have

Easy Recording

With just a smartphone or webcam, students can capture video of their skills with ease. GoReact doesn’t require any extra equipment or complicated training. All it takes is five minutes to set up and start recording.

A Helping Hand Every Step of the Way

Outstanding Support

If using video in your courses sounds scary, no worries! GoReact accounts come with free top-of-the-line support to answer any questions you might have. No matter what, we’ve got you covered.

See GoReact in Action

Video Assignments, Not Lecture Capture