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Get a GoReact Demo & an Amazon Gift Card

Are you a nurse educator preparing future-ready nurses using the latest innovations and
best practices in healthcare simulation? Do you want to be? Request a GoReact demo to see how video assessment can become an integral part of your simulation process. When you complete the demo, we’ll send you a $20 Amazon gift card.

About the Demo

We’ll show you how GoReact makes it easy to set up and use video assessment for remote and in-person skills checks, simulations, didactic courses, and specifically to boost competency in the new domains.

Learn how using GoReact can help you:

Conduct Skills Checks & Debriefings Faster

Save time and budget with remote observation and assessment.

Use Evidence-Based Practice

Build confident skills through clinical practice and debriefings.


Save reliable, objective evidence of competency.

Prepare Future-Ready Nurses

Deliver innovative learning experiences program wide.


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