Higher Education

Authentic Assessments for the AI Era

A webinar focussed on how education providers and instructors are reconsidering effective and authentic feedback and assessment strategies as AI tools and resources become readily available to students around the world

The rapid emergence of AI tools, including ChatGPT, has undoubtedly turned academia upside down. Regardless of your stance on these disruptors, educators should all be aligned on the urgent need to redefine assessment, identifying strategies, tactics and tools to ensure that learning activities and assignments continue to effectively engage students while protecting academic integrity, resulting in meaningful learning and skill development.

Watch the recorded discussion with two thought leaders who explore the benefits of creating authentic assessments that inform learning and validate mastery.

In this free recorded webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Key components of authentic assessments
  • Examples of authentic assignments and assessments from institutions around the world
  • How to leverage technology to redesign assessments to be relevant and drive continuous learning


Bert Verhoeven

Bert Verhoeven was born and grew up in the Netherlands, where he was the founder of a number of enterprises, both commercial and social. Currently he is the Program Director of Innovation and Enterprise at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia. As the driving force behind Australia’s most expansive and dynamic AI-centric Innovation & Enterprise program at Flinders University, he merges scientific acumen, comprehensive industry insights, and evidence-driven methodologies to architect a competency-focused program designed to empower individuals, propelling them toward real-world innovation and transformative impact in the AI era. Verhoeven is dedicated to cultivating leaders, inspiring them to transmute their groundbreaking ideas into tangible, actionable strategies.

Vishal Rana

Vishal Rana’s influence in higher education is marked by his extensive geographical footprint and a strong knack for adopting emergent technologies. Having imparted knowledge in Australia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, and India, he has demonstrated a unique ability to adapt pedagogical methodologies to various cultural and institutional contexts. This wealth of international experience gives him a wide lens to observe and respond to global trends in education, enhancing his ability to provide students with an inclusive, engaging, and contemporary learning environment. As an entrepreneur, Ranal has co-founded two start-ups in the spheres of Mental Health Technology and Education Technology, extending his influence beyond the classroom. He deftly leverages his understanding of the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), integrating it into both his business ventures and academic curriculum. He has pioneered AI in business courses in two esteemed institutions offering MBA programs, thus creating a harmonious link between business and technology education. More recently, he has embraced the potential of Generative AI in higher education. He recognised the unprecedented capabilities of this cutting-edge technology and made the visionary decision to integrate it into his curriculum. Holding a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management from Griffith University, Australia, Rana couples his academic achievements and technological prowess with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Jenny Gordon

In her role at GoReact, Jenny leads the company’s strategic and tactical efforts to expand into new markets, bringing skills-based learning through adoption of video feedback and assessment to new users all around the world. Jenny has worked within all phases of education to successfully implement educational technology solutions intended to improve learning outcomes for 20 years. Having onboarded more than 2,000 schools in London as part of the government's personalized learning agenda, Jenny went on to work with K12, FE and HE institutions throughout the UK, Scandinavia and Central Europe creating the largest community network on a single LMS. Joining Pearson Education in 2009, Jenny was recognised as a Future Leader before heading up the digital platforms revenue and marketing teams. Jenny spent five years developing e-learning content and solutions for learners in Africa, building solutions for hard to reach communities, while enabling governments and major donors to measure learning impact over time. Jenny was honored by Impact Network for work done to improve learning opportunities in Zambia in 2019. Jenny's passion for learning and the industry continues to be synonymous with her work.