The video training platform to change your sales newbie into a rockstar. And it might just be the easiest tool you’ve ever used.


Get more from your training

It’s one thing to send your team to a training seminar, but actually testing and measuring what they learned can be a tall order. GoReact allows you to dramatically improve skill acquisition and the effectiveness of your training. Your team will be able to demonstrate whether or not they have gained the skills, and you can use the video tools in GoReact to give precise time-coded feedback. Your team will know exactly what to improve.

Move your program to the cloud

GoReact is web-based so team members can tune into training, upload or record follow-up assignments, and complete certifications even if they’re traveling. You can record directly to our secure cloud with a webcam or smartphone. And from there, it only gets better. GoReact allows you to give the most formative feedback possible. Your time-coded comments will play in-line with the video, giving your trainees the contextual feedback they need to pitch deals and close sales.

I get feedback to the students much faster. Before, I was carrying around flash drives, finding time to watch, scribbling notes, and then going back to type them so they’re legible. Now I can look at a student video whenever I have a few minutes between classes or meetings. Bit by bit I get them all done. GoReact is great!


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