Tips from 20 years of Preparing Teacher Candidates Online

The pandemic has placed a lot of pressure on teacher prep professionals to move online. For instructors that are new or unseasoned at preparing teacher candidates remotely, this task can be overwhelming. 

To give you helpful advice and tips to excel online, we’re interviewing a pioneer in preparing teacher candidates online, Dr. James Mitchell.

Register and we will send you a link to the workshop as well a recording at the end. Join us live and participate in our Q&A session with Dr. Mitchell.  


Free Online Workshop 

Dr. James Mitchell - Online Teaching Pioneer

Thursday, May 28 @ 1:30 pm EDT

About James Mitchell

Dr. James Mitchell has taught and worked with teacher candidates online for 20 years. (Yes, the internet is that old—we checked). And for the past two years, he has served as the Director of the Online Single Subject Credential Program at California State University, East Bay. This program is designed to credential teachers that are not able to take courses at a physical campus. 

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