About GoReact

GoReact is reshaping education by humanizing and accelerating educator preparation. With simple, interactive tools for collaborative learning and personalized feedback, we facilitate scalable video observation, coaching, and assessment for teacher educators everywhere.

Elevate Sign Language and Interpreter readiness in the classroom and mentoring.

How Video Assessment Facilitates Sign Language Immersion

  • Easy Recording. With just a smartphone or webcam, students can capture video of themselves signing. GoReact is so simple to use that it takes only five minutes to set up and start recording.

  • Video in the Cloud. Now you can give corrections, encouragement, and feedback on your students’ Sign Language videos. Comment at the exact moment they need it. Review and grade Sign Language assignments at your convenience. And if you’re using an LMS, grades post directly to the grade book.

  • Feedback & Self-Reflection. GoReact makes online teaching feel more like face-to-face coaching. It even allows students to give each other feedback, reinforcing what you’re teaching in class. You’ve got all the tools you need to make teaching Sign Language a breeze.

  • Certification Prep. GoReact stimulus-response activities are designed to provide the perfect interpreting practice. Instructors can upload sample videos for students to record themselves interpreting. These synced videos are then available for comment by instructors. Each student gets more practice and more feedback than ever.

Find Out How GoReact Can Help Elevate Your Sign Language Program

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GoReact Makes Total Sign Language Immersion Possible

Whether you’re teaching beginner sign language or training aspiring interpreters, GoReact is the perfect tool for students to record assignments in Sign Language. Beyond that, instructors can leave time-coded Sign Language comments precisely where students need them. Educators save time and energy. Students learn to sign unbelievably fast.

GoReact is excited to participate as a 
sponsor of the WASLI Online Conference!

San Antonio College Case Study

Preparing students for certification in a 100% Sign Language learning environment

“GoReact has transformed the way we give feedback.”

Mish Ktejik, Portland Community College