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See how GoReact brings together online tools for video + feedback, deliberate practice, and more so you can empower confident skills in any discipline or profession.

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How do we know that GoReact impacts skill development? Because our customers tell us so. They use GoReact every day to improve outcomes for lifelong learners, while saving time and resources. Whether you’re providing feedback to a student, employee or mentee, assessing skills in a course, or collaborating on a group reflection activity, GoReact will help ensure you make the most out of any learning opportunity.

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100% Increase in Instructor Use of GoReact

Learn why adoption and use of GoReact for video assessment has increased dramatically in higher ed.

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Best Assessment Software

See real ratings and reviews on G2 from real users who ranked GoReact in the top 10 for assessment software.

“It's so easy to record straight into the GoReact platform. And the more we use it, the more possibilities we are seeing.”

Kim Kappler-Hewitt
Associate Professor of Education
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

“With GoReact, I see that the time I spend on video feedback is actually resulting in student improvement. My whole approach to teaching has changed.”

Stacy Lewis
Sign Language Instructor
Whatcom Community College

“Having this technology has made us as faculty members reflective in how we teach—it helps us up our game.”

Lauren Morgan
Professor of Speech and Communication
College of DuPage

“We can pause, rewind, and slow things down. It’s a clearer picture of what our students are doing.”

Katie Smith
Assistant Professor of Nursing
University of West Alabama

“The interface is so friendly and clear. I use GoReact literally every day.”

Danielle Leek
Associate Professor of Communications
Grand Valley State University

Video + Feedback
for Skill

Video + feedback helps learners build confident skills. See how GoReact helps promote self-awareness and offers more opportunities for deliberate practice in a way that’s fast, flexible, and feedback-driven.

Higher Education Student Preparation

Instructors across more than 800 campuses are using GoReact to streamline assessment while boosting student experience on campus or online. See how GoReact is being used in Teacher Education, Nursing Education, Behavioral Sciences, Communication, Sign & Foreign Languages, Performing Arts, and any skill you teach.

K12 Teacher Growth

School districts across the U.S. are using GoReact to support teacher growth by providing more opportunities for practice, modeling, self-reflection, and collaboration. See how GoReact is being used for Induction Programs, Professional Learning, Unlicensed Teachers of Record, Self-Reflection, PLC Collaboration, and Instructional Leadership.

Lights, Camera, Actionable Feedback!

GoReact isn’t just a video talent show with a side of braggadocio. It’s an easy-to-use combination of cloud-based video recording, feedback, and analytics tools designed to humanize and simplify skills-based learning for students and educators everywhere.

Empowering Confident Skills


“It used to take me two weeks to watch 200 students perform head-to-toe assessments. Now I can do it in one or two days with GoReact.”

Patrick Luna, MSN, RN, CEN

Senior Instructor of Clinical Teaching, University of Colorado


“This is the fifth time I’ve taught this class and the first time I’ve taught with GoReact. This is the first year I’ve actually seen students improve at specific spots in their administration where I left feedback. That tells me they’re actually watching these videos. I’ve seen greater improvement in a much faster time, and I attribute that to GoReact.”

Dr. Sarah S. Mire

Associate Professor, University of Houston


“GoReact is a lifesaver, a time saver and a money saver. It's all of those things for us.”

Dr. Jan G. Miller

Dean, College of Education, University of West Alabama


“When you are evaluating a skill in-person, face-to-face, you don’t interrupt the student when they make a mistake. You let them finish, then try to go back and talk about it after the fact. To be able to pause that video at the [exact] time, most of the time the students see it themselves. They see that mistake.”

Dara Murray, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor, University of West Alabama


“GoReact has created a space for our students to really learn how to reflect in strong ways—more sophisicated ways.”

Dr. Christina Tschida

Assistant Professor, East Carolina University


“GoReact has had a very positive impact on our student outcomes. It's important for student-therapists to watch themselves on video and critique themselves, so they can learn and improve. Having my feedback that they can re-watch is also helpful.”

Kristen Gustavson, PhD, MSW, LCSW

Assistant Professor, California State University, East Bay


"A lot of centers have the ability to record, but this puts the responsibility on the student to record and submit an assignment. And students identify their own mistakes just from recording and watching themselves."

Dr. Ali Galindo

Associate Professor, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


Being able to respond to a speech as it is being given has proven to be invaluable in public speaking classes. When reviewing the speeches, students are able to see and pin point the exact moment a comment is made. GoReact provides that self-reflection necessary to improve future presentation and speeches.

Patrick Bungard

Lecturer, California State University, San Bernardino


“GoReact has created a space for our students to really learn how to reflect in strong ways—more sophisicated ways.”

Dr. Christina Tschida

Assistant Professor, East Carolina University


“GoReact allows me to have students become actively involved in their own learning and feedback assessments. I have students record their own speeches and provide their own feedback, as well as my feedback. This practice saves me so much time in addition to the deep learning outcomes.”

Susan Knott

Communication Professor, Salt Lake Community College

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