Innovative Learning Technology for Skill Development

GoReact was founded in 2011 to simplify skills-based learning, providing more chances to practice, reflect and evaluate progress, using the power of video. But saying we make innovative learning software is only part of the story.

We Build Skills for Brighter Futures

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “experience is the best teacher.” At GoReact, we believe that experience powered by video and personalized feedback transforms potential into mastery. Learners use our software to develop skills, demonstrate competence, and get meaningful feedback. The result is more hands-on practice, more actionable feedback, and more competent, confident practitioners in every field.

84% of Employees Lack Skills for Current and Future Careers

How do we know that GoReact impacts skill development? Because video provides evidence of competency and learning outcomes.

Our Superpower?
Video + Feedback

The idea for GoReact came from a bad presentation. As a seasoned communication professor watched a terrible public speaker, he thought there had to be a way to improve skills by increasing practice, self-reflection, and confidence. His research-based solution/superpower was video + feedback. The rest is GoReact (and edtech superhero) history.

Go Team!

As much as customers love our easy-to-use software, they really love the services and support of our happy-to-help team.

“I’d like to offer kudos here for the support site available for new GoReact users. Students have obviously been following the easy-to-use directions as I rarely receive questions from [them].”

Ed Parent
University of West Florida

“I am really indebted to your team for solving so many of our issues in so many different spaces.”

Damian McFarland
National University

“Tell your support team, and whoever made all those help desk articles, that they’re absolutely stellar. Really, they make it hard to even consider other products.”

Steve Tillery
George Fox University

“I appreciate, so much, how you look after us little guys. I am well aware that you service a bunch of big guys, but the time and attention y’all take to provide similar experiences for us does not go unnoticed.”

Kim Creamer
Catawba College

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