for teaching skills crazy fast
(Awesome, right?)

Easy online
video feedback


Easy online
video feedback

for teaching skills crazy fast

(Awesome, right?)



Capture Videos

Participants upload, record, or stream videos with a webcam or smartphone. (Really, that’s all there is to it.)

Give Feedback

Leave a time-coded text, audio, or video comment exactly where the feedback needs to happen.

Score and Assess

Easily grade participant submissions with scores and rubrics, which then pass through to your LMS.

See Improvement

Watch participants develop their skills faster than ever with GoReact’s quick and effective feedback tools.


Measure and track performance outcomes. Group data analytics provide vital insights about your participants.

Secure in the Cloud

Everything you do in GoReact lives securely in the cloud and is available wherever you have Internet access.


Video + Feedback = Magic

You know the research: combining video and feedback boosts your self-awareness while giving you all the right cues at all the right times.

“Students improved more in one week with GoReact than they usually do in an entire semester.”

Anne Grinols, Baylor University

GoReact Recorder App

It’s the easiest way for educators and students to record inside or outside the classroom. And the best part? You can download GoReact’s app for FREE.


GoReact is right where you always expect it—just like your trusty pocketknife.

It was SO much better. It took a third of the time it used to. I’m so relieved, and I’m sure GoReact will be a necessity from now on!

Jacalyn Marosi

North Idaho College

Before GoReact, students would get 6-8 written comments. With GoReact they probably get 20-30 each, and they’re more specific and targeted.

Bill Baker
Brigham Young University

I really like seeing the real-time comments people were able to make with GoReact during my presentation. It was especially helpful to see what the audience meant.

Cornell University

I was thrilled with the detailed comments the students gave each other. As a teacher, it is one of the best peer feedback tools I have used.

Jacob Rawlins
Iowa State University

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