The #1 Video Software For Skill Development

Teacher Prep

Remote observations, preservice training, coaching & more.

Sign Language

Immersive sign language teaching & interpreter training.


Public speaking, presentation assignments & live speech day.

Nursing and Psych

Nursing education, simulations, and therapy training.

Virtual feedback, personal connection

GoReact is the best way to give feedback on student videos.
It makes life easy for educators and improves student outcomes.

How It Works

Capture Videos

Students upload, record, or stream a video with a webcam or smartphone.

Real-Time Feedback

Instructors give time-coded feedback on student videos.

See Improvement

Students see feedback on their performance and gain skills faster than ever.

Video + Feedback = Rapid Skill Development


Improving skills all over campus

GoReact is commonly used for courses in language training, communication, teacher preparation, nursing education, psychology, sales, business, performing arts and more.

Students improved more in one week with GoReact
than they usually do in an entire semester.”
—Anne Grinols, Baylor University

Research and analytics

Pull data from video to support research and accreditation goals

GoReact is the perfect place to collect data on how students are performing and to demonstrate program effectiveness in terms of real, measurable student outcomes.

Over 500 universities trust GoReact for student video submissions


The interface is so friendly and clear. I use GoReact literally every day.”
— Danielle Leek, Grand Valley State University

LMS Integration

Students seamlessly complete assignments in the LMS without even realizing they are using a separate tool. Grading and feedback is a breeze.

Awards and Recognition

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