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Online and hybrid learning isn’t a show stopper for dance, music and theatre majors. Using GoReact for video + feedback gives performing artists a flexible way to get precise feedback during practice, so they can fine tune their performance and build confidence anywhere.


Why Instructors Choose GoReact

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Make Reflection an Integral Part of Rehearsal

Practice is only the first step toward “making perfect”. Recording individual or group rehearsals on video allows students to see, hear and reflect on their own performance. Use multiple cameras/angles in GoReact to amplify objective self-reflection, and to increase self-awareness and confidence. Learn more about simple recording features in GoReact

Learn more about simple recording features in GoReact

Students record and submit videos of any performance—for dance, music or theatre—with a mobile phone or webcam.

Performing arts instructors, coaches and peer reviewers give time-coded feedback synced to precise moments in student videos.

Give More Precise Feedback in Less Time

Keep students focused on interpreting artistic work, not on interpreting unclear feedback. GoReact allows instructors, coaches and peer reviewers to give more precise feedback in less time—and to demonstrate proper techniques—with time-coded text, audio, and video critiques. Learn more about feedback and assessment features in GoReact.

Learn more about feedback and assessment features in GoReact

Reimagine Performing Arts Education With Technology

The right technology makes it easy to reimagine how you teach performing arts in the 21st century. Incorporating GoReact for video + feedback supports performance-based learning and assessment in any modality, as well as other arts education standards for responding and connecting to artistic work. Learn more about reporting tools in GoReact.

Learn more about reporting tools in GoReact

Faculty and administrators use reporting tools to compare student engagement and progress over time.

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Frequently Asked

Whereas GoReact makes observation and assessment of online student performances possible, it makes grading and giving feedback on in-person performances less time-consuming and more effective. The Live Review feature syncs audience feedback with videos as they’re recorded, giving instructors, coaches and peer reviewers the ability to observe and assess students in real time or anytime.

Research shows that performers who use video to record and reflect on their performance have less performance anxiety (or stage fright) over time. Studies have also found that receiving positive feedback from instructors and peers decreases anxiety by increasing self-awareness and confidence.

By combining video + feedback in one simple, cloud-based tool, GoReact enables students to record and reflect on any type of performance from anywhere, and instructors and peer reviewers to give actionable feedback aimed at helping students improve their techniques, artistry and performing skills.

Beyond using GoReact to observe and assess student performances, you can use it for a variety of assignment types. For example, you can create Comment Only assignments where students watch a video and use feedback tools in GoReact to critique other performers (or themselves).

You can also create Stimulus assignments where instructors provide a video prompt, and students record an action or response simultaneously. As you grade, you can see the original video prompt next to each student’s recording. Additionally, you can use multiple cameras in GoReact for 1:1 video practice, or to facilitate group interactions.