Building & Assessing Evidence of Career Ready Skills

A blog post on how to help students develop career ready skills by enabling experiential learning within the classroom


Tips for Successful K-12 School District and Teacher-Prep Program Collaboration

A blog detailing the benefits of collaboration between teacher prep programs and school districts, and tips for their successful partnership

Accelerate Student Learning With Personalized Feedback

A blog post demonstrating the importance of video feedback based on the experiences of three instructors

3 Tactics to Make Debriefing More Meaningful for New Nurses

A blog post about incorporating video + feedback into the simulation debriefing process

How GoReact Is Improving Nursing Students’ Educational Experience

A blog post highlighting some of the ways GoReact helps improve nursing students’ educational experience

Using Video Assessment to Boost edTPA Task 3 Scores

A blog post presenting research showing that video assessment boosts edTPA task 3 scores

Cultivating Compassion in Nursing

A blog explaining the importance of building nurse competency in clinical compassion and how video assessment and feedback optimize its practice

Preparing Nurse Innovators With Video Assessment

A blog post highlighting healthcare challenges in a post-COVID world, the need to develop innovative nurses, and how the new AACN Essentials and video assessment software can help

Stay Alert & Clear Bias Blind Spots

A blog post about cognitive biases in a clinical setting, along with 4 tips to minimize cognitive bias

Remote Observation: Changing the Future of Skill Development

Discover how video + feedback unlocks a world of convenient, flexible and personalised learning.

Optimizing Assessment in Higher Education

A blog post outlining approaches for and characteristics of effective student assessment and how video + feedback can improve its outcome.

Video Assessment & the Future of Technology in Higher Ed

A blog post about how video assessment is becoming a must-have technology

Video Doesn’t Lie: Honing Skills Through Reflective Practice

Learn the benefits of reflective practice for students’ skill development, ownership of learning, tracking progress and more.


3 Tips for Equipping New Teachers to Succeed

A research-based blog offering three strategies to improve teacher readiness and continuity

6 Ways to Reframe Assessment With Video

Learn how video + feedback supports learning over time with the right mix of formative check-ins and summative evaluations

3 GoReact Features to Improve the Student Experience (According to Students)

A blog post highlighting students’ three favorite things about GoReact

Tackling Curriculum Transformation: Getting Your Team in the Game

A blog post guiding you through the process of engaging faculty when incorporating the new AACN Essentials into your curriculum

Higher Education | 4 minute read

Instilling Soft Skills for Career Readiness

A blog post about the importance of soft skills & how to help your students engage and develop soft skills.

Creating Alignment: Your Curriculum and the AACN Essentials

A blog post to help you identify and align the competencies in your curriculum through curriculum mapping

3 Steps to Adapt Your Nursing Program to Meet AACN Essentials

A blog post guiding you through the shift to more competency-based learning to support the integration of AACN Essentials and prepare tomorrow’s nurses for the complex healthcare environment

Nursing Education | 4 minute read

Assessment and Feedback to Meet the New Essentials

As AACN requirements evolve, it’s important to rethink and revise instructional strategies to ensure the competence and practice readiness of nursing graduates.

3 Barriers to Effective Communication in Nursing (And How to Overcome Them)

A blog post outlining common communication barriers that nursing students must learn to overcome

Webinar Recap: 6 Ultimate Organizational Tips for Educators

A blog post with tips to help educators become (and stay) better organized to help balance their many demands

What Bedside Manner is and Why it Matters in Nursing

A blog post highlighting underdeveloped soft skills in nursing education

How to Provide Behavior-Changing Feedback to Teacher Candidates

A blog post explaining the importance of approaching teacher candidates as adult learners

Session Recap: Digital Competence & Digital Growth Mindset—What Does That Mean for Pre-Service Educators?

A blog post discussing what it means for pre-service educators to be digitally competent, along with how to help pre-service educators develop a digital growth mindset

Psych Instructor Takes on Rising Mental Health Epidemic with Innovative Tech

A blog post about how Dr. Sarah Mire at the University of Houston uses video to teach psychology students

How To Help Your Students Ease Presentation Jitters

A blog post with tangible tips to guide your students through reducing fear and anxiety around public speaking

What is Video Assessment?

A blog post that explores how an interactive, video-based assessment tool can help students develop important skills and improve student outcomes

The Benefits of Deliberate Practice for Psychology Education

A blog post with insights from Dr. Adam Jones about how to help graduate students become more effective therapists

Customer Feedback: The Lifeblood of GoReact

A blog post about how GoReact incorporates customer feedback into everything we do

Students Love Feedback—They Told Us So

A blog post featuring three students who share how video + feedback improved their teaching skills and helped prepare them to become professional educators

How GoReact Helps Nurse Educators Do More With Less

A blog post outlining the top three ways that video assessment increases the efficiency and effectiveness of a veteran nursing professor

Study: Online Video Assessment Participation in Higher Education Doubled Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

A press release announcing a report revealing that online video assessment adoption and participation in higher education was accelerating pre-pandemic

New Year, New GoReact Features and Enhancements

A blog post announcing new GoReact feature updates to start the year in 2021

GoReact Lands on EdTech Digest’s Cool Tools List Three Years Running

A press release announcing GoReact as a finalist for the 2018 EdTech Digest Cool Tools Awards

Get Some Perspective (Literally) With Our New Multi-Camera Feature

A blog post announcing a new GoReact feature that allows you to capture and evaluate skills from every angle

Background Blur & Accessibility Enhancements: Keep Learning in Focus

A blog post announcing the rollout of Background Blur plus nearly 50 accessibility enhancements in GoReact

4 GoReact Updates You’ll Love

A blog post announcing four GoReact feature updates designed to give you more ways to collaborate with video

Why Teachers Stay: A Study of Teacher Retention [Podcast]

A blog post featuring an interview with Suzanne Beasterfield about her research on teacher retention

Why Students Love Feedback for Learning

A blog post about how feedback helps students learn and build connections with instructors

Why Is Observation Important? 3 Big Reasons

A blog post that explains why student teaching observations are about more than helping students understand how they’re doing

Why Interview Skills Matter—and How Your Students Can Get Them

A blog post with five solutions for helping students improve their communication and public speaking skills for interviewing

What to Include in a Head-to-Toe Assessment Checklist

A blog post with tips for deciding which skills to include in a head-to-toe rubric

What Teacher Prep Programs Can Learn About Equity From Teaching in the Least Diverse State in the U.S.

A blog post with insights from Dr. Rebecca Buchanan about addressing issues of equity by paying attention to rural areas

What Keeps ASL Students Coming Back?

A blog post about why students who take an ASL class in college fall in love with sign language

What is World Speech Day?

A blog post presenting a variety of ways to participate in World Speech Day every year on March 15

What is Summative Assessment?

A blog post that explains how summative assessment provides a “sum total” view of final educational outcomes