The #1 Feedback Trick to Save Instructors Time

Because of the difficulties instructors face in giving quality feedback to so many students, researchers have begun to examine the efficacy of peer feedback.

Rise of the Adjuncts: Are Part-Time Teachers Hijacking Higher Ed?

70% of college employees are now non-tenure track faculty. But is our entire education system set up for adjuncts to fail?

Psych Instructor Takes on Rising Mental Health Epidemic with Innovative Tech

When teaching psychology students, one tool is above and beyond the most effective: video. Video software makes self-feedback not only possible, but easy.

How to End the 60-Hour Academic Work Week

It’s no secret: teaching is time-consuming. But there’s one tool in particular that’s designed to lower the steep professor workload.

How Peer Feedback Makes a Difference in Your Classroom

Teaching is more effective when it incorporates components of effective peer review. Here are 8 tips to help your students give their peers useful feedback.

Customer Feedback: The Lifeblood of GoReact

Customer feedback is integrated into every part of our organization to make the user experience as intuitive and seamless as possible. Here are some of the ways GoReact incorporates customer feedback into everything we do.

5 Ways to Use GoReact in Online Foreign Language Courses

Teaching a foreign language online may be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Here are 5 ways to use GoReact in online foreign language courses.

5 Tips for Foreign Language Teachers to Improve Student Outcomes

Every foreign language teacher should include methods to practice active learning and intrigue their students. Here are five tips to improve student outcomes.

Study: Online Video Assessment Participation in Higher Education Doubled Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

GoReact released a report revealing that online video assessment adoption and participation in higher education was accelerating pre-pandemic, and COVID-19 triggered exponential growth.

Why Teachers Stay: A Study of Teacher Retention [Podcast]

Teacher retention is a perennial topic. In order to better understand why certain teachers stay, we chatted with Suzanne Beasterfield about her research.

Why Is Observation Important? 3 Big Reasons

Student teachers ask “Why is observation important?” It’s the only way for student teachers to know how they’re doing. But there’s more to it than that.

3 GoReact Features to Improve the Student Experience (According to Students)

A blog post highlighting students’ three favorite things about GoReact

Why Students Love Feedback for Learning

Feedback is often referred to as unclear, unhelpful, or not delivered timely. But students secretly love feedback for learning. 

What to Include in a Head-to-Toe Assessment Checklist

Is your head-to-toe assessment checklist preparing students for a clinical setting? Find out which skills to include and exclude in a head-to-toe rubric.

What Teacher Prep Programs Can Learn About Equity From Teaching in the Least Diverse State in the U.S.

How do you prepare teacher candidates to address issues of equity when they’re learning to teach in Maine—the least diverse state in the U.S.?  According to Dr. Rebecca Buchanan, Assistant Professor at the University of Maine, it can be done. In fact, she believes much can be gleaned by paying attention to issues of equity […]

What Keeps ASL Students Coming Back?

What is it about taking an ASL class in college that makes a person fall in love with sign?

What is World Speech Day?

Every year on March 15, people all around the world share what they have to say. Share your voice and ideas by participating in World Speech Day.

What is Video Based Assessment?

Can video improve student outcomes and help students develop important skills? An interactive, video based assessment tool can.

What is Summative Assessment?

Summative assessments provide a view into the final outcomes of education, the “sum total” of skills developed or learning achieved during a course of instruction.

What is Formative Assessment?

Formative assessment, according to research, is one of the most effective education innovations to hit modern classrooms.

What Bedside Manner is and Why it Matters in Nursing

Discussing the meaning of bedside manner is important because it highlights the current underdeveloped soft skills in nursing.

Using Video Assessment to Boost edTPA Task 3 Scores

Preparing candidates for edTPA? Research shows video assessment boosts edTPA task 3 scores.

Understanding the PPAT Assessment: A Beginner’s Guide

By mastering the basics, you’ll be able to better prepare your candidates to pass the PPAT assessment. We’re sharing an outline of what the assessment entails.

The Nitty-Gritty of Blended Learning Models

Blended learning models can transform the learning process. While one size doesn’t fit all, everybody can adopt blended learning into their classroom.

The History of Sign Language

To give you some perspective on just how amazing and prolific sign language really is, let’s take a deep dive into the long and colorful history of how signs—and ASL in particular—came to be.

The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

Confident presenters are not made overnight, but what if your students could improve astronomically in just one semester?

The Beginner’s Guide to CAEP Accreditation

Understanding CAEP accreditation is no small feat. We’re shedding some light on all things CAEP: the standards, the accreditation process, and stipulation.

Technology Yields Insight into Teaching Practicum

How effective is your teaching practicum? Learn how the right technology can help you answer this question.

Teaching Interns and Mentors: A Perfect Match [Podcast]

A little matchmaking may save you time in the long run. Dr. Michelle Adler shares her strategies to strengthen a teaching intern’s relationships with faculty and mentors.

Teaching Equity in the Classroom with Video Observation

Dr. Loleta Sartin explains how video observation is a method for teaching equity in the classroom.

Teaching ASL Online: Making the Transition With GoReact

If you’ve never taught ASL online before, this guide is filled with ideas to help you make the transition and move your ASL course completely online.

Talking CAEP Accreditation with the President of CAEP [Podcast]

We talk all things accreditation with CAEP’s president Dr. Christopher Koch. Check out Dr. Koch’s useful CAEP accreditation tips.

Remote Teaching: 10 Ways to Use GoReact for Student Assignments

To help you get a glimpse of how to use GoReact as you make the switch to remote teaching, we’re sharing 10 ideas for student assignments.

Reframing Our Thoughts about Online Teaching

Gearing up for a semester of online teaching? Here are some areas of consideration to help you reform your curriculum to an online environment.

Preservice Teachers Can Handle the Feedback [Podcast]

Dr. Amy Broemmel and Dr. Jennifer Jordan explore how candidates and preservice teachers can handle hard feedback and autonomy in the classroom.

Physical Examination Methods: Training Your Students

It’s imperative to educate nursing students on physical examination methods: inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation.

Online Video Feedback for Teaching Skills Crazy Fast

Getting feedback from others can drastically accelerate your progress when you’re trying to learn something new or improve your skills.

Online Teaching Tips for Teacher Prep Professionals with Dr. James Mitchell [Workshop]

Dr. James Mitchell provides online teaching tips for teacher prep professionals looking to create a sustainable online learning environment this fall.

3 Ways To Sharpen Teaching Methods Using Video

A blog post with tips for using video in teaching methods courses

Nursing Professor Pioneers Technology to Engage Millennial Students

What kinds of technology are the most effective to engage millennial students? Dr. Ali Galindo was just one of the many educators on a mission to find out.

New Year, New GoReact Features and Enhancements

As you ring in the new semester or quarter, we wanted to give you a heads up about some of the new features and product enhancements in GoReact.

Navigating edTPA With Dr. Lisa Barron [Podcast]

To help teacher preparation professionals thrown into the proverbial deep end with edTPA, we interviewed Dr. Lisa Barronyou about navigating the waters.

Life as a Coda: An Interview with Ku Mei Kern

Signing, interacting with the Deaf community, and getting to know other deaf people can help Codas appreciate their upbringing and find pride in their identity.

Keep Your Audience Awake with this Unforgettable Presentation Secret

If you and your communication students want to learn the ultimate delivery strategy, we’ve got you covered with this presentation secret.

Informing Your Teaching Practice With Dr. Grenot-Scheyer

Dr. Marquita Grenot-Scheyer, the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Educator Preparation and Public School Programs for CSU, shares how to help candidates inform their teaching practice.

Increase New Nurses’ Clinical Judgment: A Free Guide for Nurse Educators

Prepare your nursing students for day one of clinical practice with this free guide focused on increasing students’ clinical judgment.

Immersion in the ASL Classroom, Part 2

As you prepare your next class, consider how you approach teaching your ASL courses.

How to Successfully Foster Online Student Engagement

Whatever your program plans on doing this fall, you need to use your tools and resources effectively to foster online student engagement.