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Prepared &
Engaged Educators

With a proven combination of video + feedback, supporting in-service teacher development has never been easier. Enhanced opportunities for practice, self-reflection, and collaboration through GoReact lead to greater teacher satisfaction, retention and quality, while saving school, Multi Academy Trust (MAT) and Local Authority (LA) resources.


a Culture of Support for Teachers

Teacher retention happens when teachers feel supported and prepared. This begins with a comprehensive induction programme and continues with opportunities for professional learning and peer engagement. See how GoReact can help schools, MATs and LAs support teachers at every phase of their career with improved practise and outcomes. Use GoReact for:

Initial Teacher Training & Early Career Teaching

Support new teachers with video + feedback to increase practice and model instruction.

Continued Professional Development

Create a culture of continuous growth with feedback to help tailor professional learning and set goals.


Build strong reflective practice as teachers watch videos of themselves teaching.

Authority & MAT Collaboration

Engage as a team and collaborate around classroom instruction in a whole new way.

Why Schools, MATs and LAs Choose GoReact

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Fully Support Your Teaching Team With GoReact

Transform New Teachers Into

New teachers need more than just emotional support—they need instructional support. With easy-to-use tools from GoReact, they get more opportunities for practice, which means more personalised feedback from mentors and coaches and more self-reflection— especially unlicensed teachers of record, who may need additional support.

Use GoReact to:

  • Receive personalized feedback synced to key moments in observation videos.
  • Simplify observations by recording anytime, anywhere, with no special equipment.
  • Build self-awareness by using video to deepen reflective practice.

Give Coaches & Mentors
More Time

Conducting observations and giving personalised feedback takes more time than most coaches and mentors have. With tools designed to streamline observation and model instruction, they can quickly and easily deliver the right feedback at the right time and share examples of lessons and teaching strategies.

Use GoReact to:

  • Give feedback faster in real time or asynchronously.
  • Spend less time out of the classroom by observing teachers from anywhere.
  • Reduce the need for travel between schools—saving resources.
  • Model instruction by sharing videos that new teachers can reflect on.

Keep Seasoned Teachers
(& Satisfied)

When teachers feel supported, they are more satisfied, which leads to higher teacher retention. With GoReact, you can create a culture of continuous learning and collaboration, leveraging feedback and student data to tailor professional learning and promote engagement.

Use GoReact to:

  • Encourage teacher engagement with more opportunities for peer reviews.
  • Personalize professional learning by leveraging feedback and student data.
  • Promote collaboration with video sharing and asynchronous group reflection among team members.

Help Administrators Reach School, MAT and
LA Goals

Top priorities for your schools, MATs or LAs are to reach your strategic goals and keep teachers in the classroom. From creating operational efficiencies through streamlined observations, to using data to align professional development with school, MAT and LA goals, GoReact gives you the tools to measure success while supporting and retaining teachers.

Use GoReact to:

  • Evaluate what’s working with observations, analytics, and user reports.
  • Save teachers’ time and school/MAT/LA budget with easy asynchronous video observations.
  • Promote teacher growth with data-driven professional learning.

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Rest Easy With
Secure Data

We take safeguarding student data seriously. From institutional controls such as enterprise-grade encryption, to user controls such as background blur, GoReact gives technology leaders total control of student privacy and data security. GoReact enables a GDPR-compliant, EU-based secure recording experience and allows teachers to record directly into GoReact—so videos live on secure servers, rather than local devices.

Make an

With GoReact

Teacher Quality & Student Achievement

Support teacher growth to improve student outcomes.

There’s no question that teachers play an important role in student performance. Studies have shown that students who have high-quality teachers will often achieve more academically than those who do not. This is true at all levels, from primary through secondary. It’s no wonder that school districts, as well as state and federal governments, want to help teachers develop skills to become more effective in the classroom.

Few online technologies are designed to help teachers self-reflect and provide personalised feedback to improve educator effectiveness. That’s why GoReact has emerged as a go-to solution for K12 districts in support of teacher growth. GoReact provides more opportunities for practise, modeling, self-reflection and collaboration. Teachers not only receive more feedback, they can share videos among district teams and review videos of themselves to build strong reflective practise.


Personalise professional learning aligned to teacher, school, MAT and LA goals.

Not all teachers benefit from a one-size-fits-all approach to professional learning. Micro-credentials, performance-based assessments that allow teachers to demonstrate a competency, provide teachers with an individualised learning experience aligned to personal or school/MAT/LA goals. Micro-credentials allow districts to make professional learning more meaningful and relevant.

The best tool for demonstrating skills for micro-credentials? GoReact. Teachers can use GoReact to capture and submit videos of themselves teaching, walking through a lesson plan, or reflecting on a question. Mentors or coaches can then tag evidence of competencies with customised progressions, markers, and personalised feedback. GoReact is a flexible, streamlined tool designed to support a personalised approach to professional learning.

Teacher Retention

Help teachers grow and succeed in their careers.

After subsiding for two years during the worst of Covid, the UK teacher shortage is resurfacing.The surge in interest to become a teacher amid the uncertainty of the pandemic has diminished as the greater labour market has revived. For those who have chosen to leave the profession, influential factors include inadequate pay, long hours, and a lack of staff/time to provide proper mentoring for teacher trainees.

With simple, EU cloud-based tools for recording and sharing videos, providing targeted feedback, and self-reflecting, GoReact gives teachers personalised support during their induction programme, so the strain on teaching staff to mentor new trainees is lightened. It also provides opportunities for peer engagement and professional learning. GoReact empowers schools, MATs and LAs to respond to the needs of individual teachers and personalise instructional support and professional learning—all while saving teachers and administrators time.

Full Support
—Whether You
Need It or Not

We want every teacher to succeed with GoReact, so we offer full training and support services. But, because our software is so reliable and intuitive, our totally helpful support team only hears from a tiny fraction of our users.

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