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Whether in a client therapy session, simulation lab, or classroom role-play assignment, GoReact helps you prepare future practitioners with more deliberate practice. Students learn from authentic experiences and feedback how to apply counselling and therapy skills.


Why Instructors Choose GoReact

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Build Confidence & Therapeutic Techniques

Competent and confident therapeutic techniques require many hours of deliberate practice. GoReact provides students with more: more opportunities to record, reflect, and receive targeted feedback for role-play exercises, simulation exercises, and fieldwork opportunities. Learn more about simple recording features in GoReact.

Learn more about simple recording features in GoReact

Students record and submit videos demonstrating counselling and therapy skills with a mobile phone or webcam.

Flexibly observe students—in the classroom or with a client—and sync time-stamped feedback with key clinical decisions.

Simplify Observations & Save Time

Observing students on video doesn’t require complicated technology or special expertise. With GoReact, it’s easy for students to record and upload videos, and just as easy for supervisors to grade them. You’ll save time assessing counselling and therapy skills, even as you give more timely feedback to every student. Learn more about feedback and assessment features in GoReact.

Learn more about feedback and assessment features in GoReact

Build Evidence of Competency

As a professional gatekeeper, your programme works tirelessly to ensure practice-ready clinicians. With GoReact, competency is a demonstrable, irrefutable fact. Use GoReact to save measurable, objective video evidence of your students’ professional competence. Learn more about reporting tools in GoReact.

Learn more about reporting tools in GoReact

Faculty and administrators use reporting tools for analytics and evidence to meet accreditation and professional standards.

Stay Focused on Teaching Counselling & Therapy Skills

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Frequently Asked

Hitting the minimum hours for practical experience can be time-consuming, and the flexibility and security of GoReact eases this process for students and instructors. No matter the setting or Wi-Fi connection, students can record their practice anywhere using laptops, webcams and phones. Students can also set up multiple cameras to record different angles to receive more comprehensive feedback on nonverbal techniques.

GoReact also gives supervisors the flexibility to provide asynchronous feedback, or to remotely watch a session live to give real-time feedback. GoReact offers unlimited five-year video storage, which allows students to record, practise and review as much as they want.

The most popular use case for GoReact is to record practical and internship experiences, but many programmes use GoReact to teach, improve, and assess skills long before students begin their fieldwork. To introduce new therapeutic techniques, instructors can provide expert clinician video examples for students to observe, analyse, and discuss in GoReact. With GoReact, it’s easy to create a library database to share with students and colleagues.

After observing expert clinicians, students can record themselves role-playing new therapeutic techniques to self-reflect, provide peer reviews, or receive instructor feedback. To take advantage of the extensive feedback features in GoReact, many instructors also record or import lab simulation videos to heighten debriefing sessions.

Client confidentiality is sacrosanct in counselling, psychology and the behavioural sciences. You can assure clients and students that anything recorded in GoReact is confidential and secure.

GoReact protects videos with enterprise-grade encryption, security, and data controls. To enhance security, all videos are set to private by default and require single sign-on and multifactor authentication. Of course, access to videos and grades are restricted to the instructor, student, IT administrators, and authorised viewers. For live patient interactions, GoReact offers HIPAA Business Associate Agreements for coverage. See our compliance page for more information.