Put Student Experience
in Focus

With a proven combination of video + feedback, experiential learning can happen anywhere. Improve the student experience across campus by making it easier for every student to learn through experience with GoReact.


Improving the Student Experience Across Higher Ed


"Having this technology has made us as faculty members reflective in how we teach— it helps us up our game."

Lauren Morgan

Professor of Speech Communication

College of DuPage


"I have students "journaling" in the art history class I teach and it is promoting a deeper understanding of the subject matter. I have students collaborating on video group projects at a distance. I have students watching/listening to each other's work and offering critiques. Students in Cinema Art Studies are thinking more deeply about the subject matter. Students are performing group work and learning how to write critically about art."

Kristen Becker

Video & Animation Instructor, California State University, East Bay


"We can do twice as many observations with our teachers and provide ongoing feedback even when we're not on site."

Athena Nadeau

Improvement Coach



"GoReact gives our faculty the ability the see the students work and comment on it frame by frame. This is essential in Sign Language so that students learn how to produce the signs correctly. This program was designed for our field and we could not do without it."

Katy Calen

Lead Interpreter & Lecturer

California State University, Long Beach


“I use GoReact from the beginning to the end of a speech cycle. I absolutely recommend GoReact. When I run into colleagues, I say you need to check them out.”

Dr. Kelly S. Wood

Associate Provost for Student Success

Missouri State University


"GoReact has had a very positive impact on our student outcomes. It's important for student-therapists to watch themselves on video and critique themselves, so they can learn and improve. Having my feedback that they can re watch is also helpful."

Kristen Gustavson

Assistant Professor of Social Work, California State University, East Bay


"A lot of centers have the ability to record, but this puts the responsibility on the student to record and submit an assignment. And students identify their own mistakes just from recording and watching themselves."

Dr. Ali Galindo

Associate Professor

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


"There is no substitute for a live classroom in Theatre courses, but now I feel empowered to fully engage in video as a medium for student assessment and expression. I plan to integrate it into live performance and engage students where they "live" and feel comfortable (digital media)."

Johanna Smith, MFA

Professor of Theatre Education

California State University, San Bernardino

Why GoReact Is an Institution-Wide Experience

It's How Students
Master Skills

Students need a simple way to practise, demonstrate and reflect on skills in any modality. With flexible, easy-to-use tools from GoReact, they can focus on mastering the skills universe, not on troubleshooting their school software.

Use GoReact to:

  • Simplify the learning experience with LTI support for LMS integration and SSO.
  • Humanise skill development through peer review and self-reflection.
  • Improve student outcomes by creating engaged, self-aware learners.

It's How Instructors
Save Time

Giving personalised feedback takes more time than most instructors have. With tools designed to streamline observation and assessment, faculty can quickly and easily deliver the right feedback at the right time (that is, anytime).

Use GoReact to:

  • Give feedback faster in real time or asynchronously.
  • See what's working with analytics and user reports.
  • Enable video-based learning with no complexity or IT support.

It's How Administrators
Stay Flexible

Does your strategic tech plan include a flexible solution for learning continuity? With GoReact, you can facilitate experiential learning in online, hybrid and in-person courses—making every programme more adaptable, and driving efficiencies for departments, staff and budgets.

Use GoReact to:

  • Scale student engagement with an affordable tool that grows with you.
  • Change modalities quickly and easily in any course.
  • Keep students learning anytime, anywhere, no matter what.

It's How IT Rests Easy
Secure Data

Priority one for your institution's IT department: reducing cybersecurity risks. From institutional controls such as enterprise-grade encryption, to user controls such as background blur, GoReact gives you total control of student privacy and data security.

Use GoReact to:

  • Store unlimited videos in EU-based cloud for five years.
  • Ensure GDPR compliance on video assignments.
  • Safeguard privacy of student information and videos.

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Experience—What Is It Good For? Absolutely

We'll say it again: Experience is everything in skills-based learning. See how GoReact can improve the quality and quantity of experiential learning for every student in every programme on campus. Use GoReact for:

Any Skill You Teach

Use video + feedback to increase hands-on practice and save time on observation and assessment.

Teacher Training

Simplify observations with video to help trainee teachers become confident, reflective educators.

Nursing Education

Connect what students learn in lectures and the simulation lab to what they’ll do as nurses.

Behavioural Sciences

Enable future practitioners to learn from experience how to apply counselling and therapy skills.


Combine deliberate practice, feedback and self-reflection to help communicators polish their skills.

Performing Arts

Give dance, music and theatre majors a way to get precise feedback on their performance.

Sign & Foreign Languages

Help all language learners achieve total immersion with audio/video feedback.

Not All Video Learning Is Created Equal

You already use video for lecture capture and virtual classrooms, so why do you need GoReact? Simply put: Because video isn't one use fits all. Unlike the tools you use to deliver course content, GoReact puts students in front of the camera, combining video + feedback to streamline experiential learning and skills assessment.

Make an

With GoReact

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Improve educational access for everyone

Extending your campus DEI initiative to the classroom requires educational technology that's accessible for everyone, regardless of teaching modality. GoReact complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to ensure compatibility with screen readers and native accessibility tools. It's also capable of displaying real-time closed captions using the latest AI technology.

With simple, cloud-based tools for recording and submitting videos, GoReact gives learners of all abilities, backgrounds and geographic locations flexibility to participate in skills-based, competency-based and experiential learning programmes from anywhere. By adopting technology that extends a greater variety of learning opportunities to a broader population of learners, you can create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive campus community.

Competency-Based Education

Emphasise skill and competence

Do any departments at your institution use a competency-based education model? Unlike the traditional model that follows a fixed academic timeline, competency-based education ties student completion to mastery of knowledge and skills. The best tool for demonstrating and assessing skills in any area of study? GoReact.

Learners in competency-based programmes use GoReact to capture and submit videos of presentations, performances or skills demonstrations. Instructors, mentors or peer reviewers assess competencies live or asynchronously with customised rubrics and personalised feedback, then pass grades directly to their LMS. It’s a flexible, streamlined tool designed to support a personalised approach to education.

Career Development

Increase ROI with a focus on employability

Non-traditional students have typically been more career focused than their traditional counterparts, but the majority of Gen Z students are already looking for ways to connect their education to future careers. Based on this shift, your institution may be placing a greater emphasis on experiential learning and professional skills training.

Few online learning technologies are designed to facilitate hands-on skill development. That’s why GoReact has emerged as a go-to solution for skills-based programmes from teacher training to healthcare. It supports skill development online or on campus for traditional degree programmes, as well as for online certificate programmes, micro-credentials and apprenticeships. It can also be used by your student services departments for career coaching.

Full Support When (Or, More Likely, If) You
Need It

We want every academic institution to succeed with GoReact, so we offer full training and support services. But, because our software is so reliable and intuitive, our totally helpful support team only hears from a tiny fraction of our users.

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