The AI Assistant in GoReact for Teacher Coaching

A webinar unveiling the new AI Assistant in GoReact

Higher Education | 44 MINUTE WATCH

From Class to Campus: Mastering Tech Integration & Expansion for Student Success

A webinar highlighting Harper College’s success in scaling GoReact across campus


Introducing the AI Assistant in GoReact

A webinar unveiling the new AI Assistant in GoReact


Improve Educator Practice With Video Annotation

A webinar featuring Dr. Ray Francis, Professor at Central Michigan University, on the use of annotated video to transform traditional teacher training methods and promote effective professional learning

GoReact | < 1 MINUTE READ

ReAction 2024 On-Demand Library

Explore a free collection of on-demand sessions from ReAction 2024, the virtual conference on skills-based learning


Collaborative Classrooms: Unlocking Student Success Through Teacher Collaboration

A panel discussion on the role of teacher collaboration in student achievement, featuring Wendy Anderson and Carrie Leana

Higher Education | 46 MINUTE WATCH

Adapting Assessments in an Ever-Changing Higher Education Landscape

A webinar featuring Catherine Wehlburg, Ph.D., Interim President at Athens State University

Global Education | 62 MINUTES

Innovation in Assessment and Awarding

An on-demand webinar, hosted by FE Tech, exploring the growing trend of video in transforming assessment and awarding practices in various educational and professional settings

Higher Education | 29 MINUTE WATCH

Enhancing Learning Beyond the Classroom

A webinar on how video enriches skills-based learning experiences outside the classroom

Teacher Education | 45 MINUTE WATCH

Accelerating Learning With Real-Time Feedback & Coaching

A discussion about how University of Texas at Austin overcame logistical and budget challenges and created a more effective coaching process


Enhance Reflective Practice: Strategies to Elevate P-12 Teaching with Feedback

A webinar featuring Dr. Debra Lively from Saginaw Valley State University

Higher Education | < 1 MINUTE READ

Authentic Assessment in AI Era Webinar Series

A series of webinars on the impact of AI and how to redesign assessments to drive meaningful learning and work-ready skills

Higher Education | 1 HOUR WATCH

Effective & Efficient Feedback

A webinar replay featuring JD Schramm, educator, author and consultant


Transforming Teacher Coaching: Insights from Riverside County Office of Education

A webinar featuring Jaymie Baiza and Angel Van Horn from the Riverside County Office of Education

Nursing Education | 41 MINUTE WATCH

Unpacking New NCLEX Results & Strategies to Maintain Momentum

A webinar featuring Patrick Luna from the University of Colorado

Higher Education | 47 MINUTE WATCH

Mastering Assignment Makeovers to Enrich Instruction

On-demand webinar with special guest, Derek Bruff, Ph.D., on revamping assignments and assessments to drive meaningful learning


Unlock Teacher Growth through Coaching and Reflection

A webinar featuring Lindsey Wickersham and Jennifer Merry of Ontario-Montclair School District

Teacher Education | 40 MINUTE WATCH

Using Feedback to Enhance Student-Teacher Reflection & Engagement

A webinar replay featuring Dr. Debra Lively from Saginaw Valley State University

Higher Education | 56 MINUTE WATCH

Rethinking Assessment in the Age of AI

A webinar where higher ed faculty reveal strategies and tools they use to assess authentically

Higher Education | 53 MINUTE WATCH

Authentic Assessments for the AI Era

A webinar focussed on how education providers and instructors are reconsidering effective and authentic feedback and assessment strategies as AI tools and resources become readily available to students around the world


Setting New Teachers up for Success: Enhancing the New Teacher Experience

A panel discussion on best practices and insights to help prepare new teachers, featuring Ann Stark, Lauren Peña, and Wendy Anderson


Effective Strategies to Enhance Professional Learning with Video Feedback

A webinar highlighting professional growth for teachers


Tips to Support New Teachers & Mentors through the Observation Process

A webinar featuring Sean McCarthy from Murrieta Valley Unified School District

Nursing Education | < 1 MINUTE READ

Sharpening Technical Nursing Skills With Student Videos

A webinar replay featuring Dr. Victoria Davis and Dr. Shelli Gibbs from the University of South Carolina

Global Education | 54 MINUTE WATCH

Transforming Your Delivery With Video Feedback and Assessment Software (hosted by FE Tech)

A webinar hosted by FE Tech, featuring leading national training provider SCL Education showcasing how GoReact has transformed the way they deliver and evidence learning across a range of their courses.

Higher Education | 59 MINUTE WATCH

Tech vs. Teach: Teamwork Gives Students the Best Chance at Success

A panel discussion featuring Senior Instructional Technologist, Mauricio Cadavid, joined by an experienced career counselor and students from Cal State San Bernardino

Higher Education | 46 MINUTE WATCH

Scaling for Growth & Impact: How National University Expanded Video-Technology Use to Drive Achievement Across its Student Community

A webinar featuring three National University educators discussing how they worked with GoReact to scale the video assessment + feedback tool for all of their students

GoReact | < 1 MINUTE READ

ReAction 2023 On Demand

A library dedicated to ReAction 2023, the virtual conference for skill development

Higher Education | 57 MINUTE WATCH

From Classroom to Career: Helping Students Land and Thrive with Essential Skills

A panel discussion featuring thought leader and communications instructor, JD Schramm, joined by career development and recruiting experts


3 Ways To Support Teacher Growth With Video Technology (and Spend Less Time Out of the Classroom)

A webinar featuring Sam Butterfield from GoReact


Tips for Supporting Teachers at Every Phase of Their Career

A webinar discussion on teacher support featuring Lynn M. Gangone, Machel Mills-Miles, Ann Stark, and Brent Raby


Innovation in K12 Education: Overcoming Challenges With Video in the Classroom

A roundtable featuring Eileen Belastock from Belastock Consulting

Nursing Education | 53 MINUTE WATCH

Preparing Students for the New NCLEX

Get tips on how to adapt to the new NCLEX requirements and prepare your students for success

Teacher Education | 47 MINUTE WATCH

Successful Teacher Mentoring, Evaluation and Self-Reflection Through the Use of Video

A webinar featuring Dr. Cindy Ross and Dawn Thompson from Bowling Green State University

Nursing Education | 45 MINUTE WATCH

Making Nursing Knowledge Stick: Teach-Back Strategies for Long-Term Learning

Discover new methods for creating long-term learning using teach-back strategies

Higher Education | 40 MINUTE WATCH

Using Feedback to Enhance Student-Teacher Reflection & Engagement

A webinar featuring Dr. Debra Lively from Saginaw Valley State University

Nursing Education | 53 MINUTE WATCH

Prepare and Inspire Nursing Students to Make a Positive Impact in Healthcare

A webinar featuring Dr. Tiffany Kelley, a leading expert and thought leader on nursing innovation

Higher Education | 63 MINUTE WATCH

Strategies for Student Success Using GoReact

An interactive webinar where you can discover new ways to provide better, quicker feedback using video

Global Education | 57 MINUTE WATCH

How Do We Reframe Assessment? Using Online Formative Assessment Tools for Feedback

A webinar co-hosted by GoReact and EdQuarter

Higher Education | 1 HOUR WATCH

Effective & Efficient Feedback

A webinar featuring JD Schramm from USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

Higher Education | 42 MINUTE WATCH

A 5 Part Approach to Providing Feedback

A webinar featuring Jeff Przybylo from Harper College

Nursing Education | 43 MINUTE WATCH

Assessing & Evaluating Communication Competency in Nursing

A webinar on setting learning objectives and effectively validating communication competency in nursing students

Higher Education | 1 HOUR WATCH

Supporting Student Mental Health & Wellness

A panel discussion on how faculty can help students facing mental health challenges navigate resources and find support for health and academic wellness

Nursing Education | 57 MINUTE WATCH

Update Your Curriculum to Support Competency-Based Education & the New AACN Essentials

A webinar featuring Ann Van Eerden and Margaret (Peg) Rauschenberger from Alverno College

Teacher Education | 38 MINUTE WATCH

6 Ultimate Organizational Tips for Teacher Educators

A webinar featuring Patrick McKee from Foothill Consortium Induction Program

Nursing Education | 36 MINUTE WATCH

Innovation in Nursing Education: Utilizing Video Feedback for Clinical Judgment

A webinar featuring Patrick Luna from the University of Colorado

Teacher Education | 29 MINUTE WATCH

Learn How GoReact Saved Us MONEY!

A webinar featuring Dr. Jan G. Miller, Dr. Reenay Rogers, and Sara Reynolds from the University of West Alabama

Behavioral Sciences | 50 MINUTE WATCH

Using GoReact to Enhance Therapist Skills Through Deliberate Practice

A webinar featuring Dr. Adam Jones from Texas Woman’s University