The Ultimate Guide to AI in Education: 4 Ways AI Can Deepen Learning and Drive Efficiencies

Explore how AI in higher education can enhance teaching efficiency, personalize learning, and accelerate skill development in our comprehensive guide on leveraging AI to its full potential


Higher Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

Utilizing GoReact as Evidence of Academic Integrity

A short video clip explaining how GoReact is used to support academic integrity at Concordia College

Teacher Education | 3 MINUTE READ

Session Recap: Embracing AI for Teacher Preparation

A blog post with insights from four teacher educators with practical examples for integrating AI into teacher prep programs

Nursing Education | < 1 MINUTE READ

NCLEX Prep Toolkit

A toolkit with all the top NCLEX related resources with contributions from leading nursing educators so you can help guide your students in preparing for the NCLEX

Teacher Education | 3 MINUTE READ

10 Tips for Teacher Education Graduates to Improve Teaching Skills

Discover 10 actionable ways you can help new teachers improve their teaching skills and practice continuous learning


From Self-Reflection to Professional Learning for K12 Teacher Growth

Explore the fundamental steps to enhancing teacher support and professional growth


6 Tips to Improve Teaching Through Self-Reflection

A blog post on the importance of teacher self-reflection and tips for helping teachers develop a reflective mindset

Communication | < 1 MINUTE READ

Creating Competent Communicators With Video Assessment

A case study about how College of DuPage uses GoReact for communication

Communication | 1 MINUTE WATCH

From Garbage to Greatness: How One Public Speaking Program Transformed

A short video clip about how GoReact made this online public speaking course almost as interactive and produced better results than face-to-face classes

Higher Education | 2 MINUTE WATCH

Grow GoReact Campuswide: Success Secrets From Harper College

A short video clip on successful steps to spread GoReact use across a campus

Higher Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

Master Lab Skills With GoReact

A short video clip on how Harper College’s kinesiology program uses video assessment to support students’ skill development

Teacher Education | 3 MINUTE READ

Bridging Theory & Practice With Video Assessment: Insights From Eastern Kentucky University

A blog post explores how Eastern Kentucky University’s Teacher Ed Program is leveraging video assessment technology to enhance candidate prep, especially in rural and remote placements

Higher Education | 4 MINUTE READ

Enhancing STEM Education With Video Assessment

A blog exploring how video assessment technology can enhance STEM education — making it more effective, interactive, and accessible than ever before


The AI Assistant in GoReact for Teacher Coaching

A webinar unveiling the new AI Assistant in GoReact

Higher Education | 44 MINUTE WATCH

From Class to Campus: Mastering Tech Integration & Expansion for Student Success

A webinar highlighting Harper College’s success in scaling GoReact across campus


Real World Relevance with Annotated Videos

A short video clip explaining the benefits of using an annotated video platform; real-world relevance, self-paced learning, supports student growth


From Activities to Experiential Learning

A short video clip explaining how using annotated video in teacher training and professional development programs leads to increased improvement and growth


Introducing the AI Assistant in GoReact

See how the AI Assistant in GoReact provides more time for coaches and instructors to deliver feedback and insights and more time for students to practice skills and reflect