Why Students & Faculty Love GoReact

Hear why this communications professor says GoReact allows students to be more actively engaged in their own learning


Teacher Education | 10 MINUTE READ

Video + Feedback Support for AAQEP Standards

Discover how video + feedback supports teacher educators mastery of AAQEP standards


From Self-Reflection to Professional Learning for K12 Teacher Growth

Explore the fundamental steps to enhancing teacher support and professional growth

Teacher Education | 13 MINUTE READ

Video + Feedback Support for CAEP Standards

Discover how video + feedback supports teacher educators master CAEP standards

Higher Education | 3 MINUTE READ

Using AI to Complement Assessments in Higher Education

A blog post on how AI can complement the learning experience, along with faculty’s perspective on the pros and cons of AI in the classroom

Nursing Education | 3 MINUTE WATCH

Evaluation is Key to Preparing New Nurses

A short video clip on assignment types that are most effective for developing clinical judgment in nursing students


Reflection in Action: 6 Tips for Cultivating a Reflective Mindset for Teachers

A blog post on the importance of teacher self reflection and tips for helping teachers develop a reflective mindset

Communication | 3 MINUTE READ

Why Interview Skills Matter—and How Your Students Can Get Them

A blog post with five solutions for helping students improve their communication and public speaking skills for interviewing

Higher Education | 2 MINUTE WATCH

Creating a Community for Online Students

A short video clip about how GoReact not only helps with skill development, but also fosters a sense of community for online students

Higher Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

GoReact Enables Real-Life Experiences Students Need

A short video clip describing how video assessment + feedback helps students have the relevant experiences to develop skills they need for their careers

Higher Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

Saving Instructor Time & Boosting Student Outcomes

A short video clip describing the key benefits that GoReact delivers at University of Alabama Online

Higher Education | 3 MINUTE WATCH

Why GoReact is in Demand Across This Online Program

A short video clip about what GoReact provides for students across disciplines at University of Alabama Online.

Higher Education | 29 MINUTE WATCH

Enhancing Learning Beyond the Classroom

A webinar on how video enriches skills-based learning experiences outside the classroom

Teacher Education | 45 MINUTE WATCH

Accelerating Learning With Real-Time Feedback & Coaching

A discussion about how University of Texas at Austin overcame logistical and budget challenges and created a more effective coaching process


Teacher Self-Reflection Toolkit

Discover tips, tricks, best practices, and real-life examples of how to help coaches, mentors, and faculty support teachers in their reflective practice


Coaching and Mentoring

A short video on using GoReact to support teacher coaching and mentoring