Session Recap: Embracing AI for Teacher Preparation

A blog post with insights from four teacher educators with practical examples for integrating AI into teacher prep programs


Nursing Education | < 1 MINUTE READ

NCLEX Prep Toolkit

A toolkit with all the top NCLEX related resources with contributions from leading nursing educators so you can help guide your students in preparing for the NCLEX

Communication | 2 MINUTE WATCH

Why Students & Faculty Love GoReact

Hear why this communications professor says GoReact allows students to be more actively engaged in their own learning

Higher Education | 29 MINUTE WATCH

Enhancing Learning Beyond the Classroom

A webinar on how video enriches skills-based learning experiences outside the classroom

Teacher Education | 10 MINUTE READ

Video + Feedback Support for AAQEP Standards

Discover how video + feedback supports teacher educators mastery of AAQEP standards


From Self-Reflection to Professional Learning for K12 Teacher Growth

Explore the fundamental steps to enhancing teacher support and professional growth

Higher Education | < 1 MINUTE READ

Authentic Assessment in AI Era Webinar Series

A series of webinars on the impact of AI and how to redesign assessments to drive meaningful learning and work-ready skills


6 Tips to Improve Teaching Through Self-Reflection

A blog post on the importance of teacher self-reflection and tips for helping teachers develop a reflective mindset

Higher Education | 2 MINUTE WATCH

Integrating AI in Writing Instruction

A short video clip explaining how to teach students to use AI in their writing

Higher Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

Invite Students In, Don’t Call Them Out

A short video clip explaining why students should be an active part of the conversation about AI usage

Higher Education | 3 MINUTE WATCH

Using AI to Support Students Through Better Feedback

A short video clip explaining how a professor at Fayetteville State University uses AI for positive constructive feedback

Higher Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

Utilizing GoReact as Evidence of Academic Integrity

A short video clip explaining how GoReact is used to support academic integrity at Concordia College

Higher Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

Ways to Assess That Are
Hard for AI to Hack

A short video clip about how GoReact is being used for authentic assessment at Concordia College

Higher Education | 4 MINUTE READ

Session Recap: AI in Teaching Writing and Literature

A blog post exploring AI use in education, emphasizing its role in enhancing research and writing skills while addressing ethical issues and academic integrity

Higher Education | UPCOMING

From Class to Campus: Mastering Tech Integration & Expansion for Student Success

A webinar highlighting Harper College’s success in scaling GoReact across campus


The AI Assistant in GoReact for Teacher Coaching

A webinar unveiling how GoReact is combining artificial intelligence and authentic feedback to empower coaches and mentors to make a bigger impact with fewer resources, while accelerating teacher skill development

Professional | 3 MINUTE READ

8 Ways to Improve Skills-Based Learning in the Workplace

A blog focused on helping employers use GoReact to close the skills gap in their organizations, offering eight strategies for enhancing skills-based learning, from assessments to personalized training and feedback

Teacher Education | 15 MINUTE READ

Using Video to Meet California’s TPEs

See how video assessments and feedback simplify meeting California’s Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs)