How Does Innovation in Nursing Create Positive Change?

A short video clip explaining the importance of defining innovation and the desired outcomes of change


Higher Education | 40 MINUTE WATCH

Using Feedback to Enhance Student-Teacher Reflection & Engagement

A webinar featuring Dr. Debra Lively from Saginaw Valley State University


Video + Feedback for Fully Supported K12 Teachers

A one-page resource highlighting the benefits of GoReact for K12 teacher growth

5 Benefits of Adopting GoReact Campuswide

A case study about how Purdue Fort Wayne uses GoReact across their campus

Nursing Education | 5 MINUTE READ

10 Tips to Provide More Constructive Feedback in Nursing Education

Use this interactive checklist to provide fair and actionable feedback every time

Teacher Education | 47 MINUTE WATCH

Maximizing the Transformative Power of Feedback for Teacher Candidates

A webinar featuring Dr. Marti Elford from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

3 Ways To Sharpen Teaching Methods Using Video

A blog post with tips for using video in teaching methods courses

Nursing Education | 45 MINUTE WATCH

Making Nursing Knowledge Stick: Teach-Back Strategies for Long-Term Learning

Discover new methods for creating long-term learning using teach-back strategies

Preparing Nurse Innovators With Video Assessment

A blog post highlighting healthcare challenges in a post-COVID world, the need to develop innovative nurses, and how the new AACN Essentials and video assessment software can help

Teacher Education | UPCOMING

Successful Teacher Mentoring, Evaluation and Self-Reflection Through the Use of Video

A webinar featuring Dr. Cindy Ross and Dawn Thompson from Bowling Green State University

GoReact Wins Most Innovative New Learning Technologies Product (International) Silver Award

GoReact was recently recognized as a leader in innovation for its video-based assessment and feedback platform


The Power of Video for Observation

Video observation allows beginning teachers to see first-hand what they’re doing well and identify potential opportunities for growth

Nursing Education | 4 MINUTE WATCH

Three Examples of Innovation in Nursing That Everyone Can Appreciate

A short video clip with concrete examples of innovations developed by nursing students to create impactful change

Nursing Education | 1 MINUTE WATCH

When Is the Right Time To Begin Empowering Nursing Students To Understand Their Role As Innovators?

A short video clip pinpointing the ideal time in the learning cycle to introduce nursing students to their potential in leading change

Remote Observation: Changing the Future of Skill Development

Discover how video + feedback unlocks a world of convenient, flexible and personalised learning.

Optimizing Assessment in Higher Education

A blog post outlining approaches for and characteristics of effective student assessment and how video + feedback can improve its outcome.