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A guide to teaching core nursing competencies with video assessment


Comprehensive Counseling Skills Rubric

A tool for evaluating counseling and therapy skills

Maximizing the Transformative Power of Feedback for Teacher Candidates

A webinar featuring Dr. Marti Elford from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

3 Must-Haves for Recording Nursing Assessments With Video

Looking for the best way to record nursing assessments? Use these resources to invest in the right video assessment software for your program.

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Impact of COVID-19 on the Adoption of Online Video Assessment in Higher Education

A report on data and user metrics

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Nursing Skills Validation: Doing the Math on Faculty Time

Professors share how much time GoReact saves their nursing ed programs—hint: it’s a lot—conducting nursing skills validations.

Tired of the Theory-Practice Gap in Nursing? Here Are Some Solutions

Only 23 percent of newly graduate nurses are practice ready. Here are the most popular ideas to solve this theory-practice gap in nursing.

3 Ways To Sharpen Teaching Methods Using Video

A blog post with tips for using video in teaching methods courses

6 Video Assessments in Teacher Ed Courses for a Post-COVID Campus

While some programs may be tempted to reduce their use of video assessment after the pandemic, SVSU is going to use it more than ever.

Teaching Online Courses in Teacher Preparation Programs [Podcast]

Teaching online this semester? Tierney Barcarse shares her experiences and tips for teaching online courses to prepare teacher candidates at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

5 edTPA Video Requirements to Review with Candidates

Will your preservice teachers pass edTPA? Prepare your teacher candidates by reviewing these five edTPA video requirements.

Innovation in Nursing Education: Utilizing Video Feedback for Clinical Judgment

A webinar featuring Patrick Luna from the University of Colorado

Learn How GoReact Saved Us MONEY!

A webinar featuring Dr. Jan G. Miller, Dr. Reenay Rogers, and Sara Reynolds from the University of West Alabama

3 Easy Steps: Practice Therapeutic Communication With GoReact

A quick start guide for using video + feedback to help nursing students practice communicating with patients

3 Easy Steps: Enhance Simulation Debriefings With GoReact

A quick start guide for using video + feedback to improve your simulation debriefing process

3 Easy Steps: Medication Administration Assessment With GoReact

A quick start guide for using video + feedback to assess medication administration skills

Using GoReact to Enhance Therapist Skills Through Deliberate Practice

A webinar featuring Dr. Adam Jones from Texas Woman’s University

3 Resources for Nursing Education: Medication Administration Training

A packet to help train new nurses how to administer and discuss medications

Head-To-Toe Assessment Checklists

A checklist for basic skills plus an extended checklist for more advanced skills

Ultimate Guide: Helping Teacher Candidates Submit Awesome edTPA Videos

A guide with tips and resources for teacher educators

Using GoReact in Nursing Programs

A video series with practical tips for using GoReact to improve nursing skills