Stay Alert & Clear Bias Blind Spots

A blog post about cognitive biases in a clinical setting, along with 4 tips to minimize cognitive bias


Tackling Curriculum Transformation: Getting Your Team in the Game

A blog post guiding you through the process of engaging faculty when incorporating the new AACN Essentials into your curriculum

Higher Education | 2 MINUTE WATCH

Investing in Your Students

A short video clip focused on how authenticity can bridge gaps between instructors and students

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Maximizing the Transformative Power of Feedback for Teacher Candidates

A webinar featuring Dr. Marti Elford from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

3 GoReact Features to Improve the Student Experience (According to Students)

A blog post highlighting students’ three favorite things about GoReact

Video Assessment & the Future of Technology in Higher Ed

A blog post about how video assessment is becoming a must-have technology

3 Ways To Sharpen Teaching Methods Using Video

A blog post with tips for using video in teaching methods courses

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Why Video Is the Best Tool for Student Learning Outcomes

A short clip where JD Schramm discusses why video is the best tool for providing effective feedback

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Learning To More Fully Integrate GoReact in the Classroom

A short clip where JD Schramm describes his progression in integrating GoReact into his program

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Increasing Efficiency With GoReact

A short clip where JD Schramm discusses ways that GoReact has increased efficiency in this teaching

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How To Provide More Effective Feedback to Students

A short clip where JD Schramm describes how GoReact has allowed him to be more efficient in providing feedback to students

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How Students Grow by Self-Reviewing Their Performance

A short clip where JD Schramm discusses the importance of students reviewing their own videos

Webinar Recap: 6 Ultimate Organizational Tips for Educators

A blog post with tips to help educators become (and stay) better organized to help balance their many demands

Higher Education | 59 MINUTE WATCH

Effective & Efficient Feedback

A webinar featuring JD Schramm from USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

Creating Alignment: Your Curriculum and the AACN Essentials

A blog post to help you identify and align the competencies in your curriculum through curriculum mapping

Communication Competency: The Nurse Educator’s Guide to Teaching & Assessing

A playbook for preparing practice-ready nurses to be competent and confident communicators