Can Video Assessment Be
Too Simple?

Short answer: no. Long answer: still no.
See how GoReact makes it easy for everyone to set up and use video + feedback to drive competencies and career readiness.

GoReact Integrates With Your LMS for Seamless Assessment

You don’t need a separate login for video assessment, and neither do your students. That’s why GoReact works with any LTI-compliant LMS or learning platform to enable seamless authentication, course creation, grade passback and everything in-between.

Powerful Feedback Features

Go beyond grades. Give timely, targeted, actionable feedback your students can use in the classroom and in their careers.

Live Review

GoReact pioneered the patent-pending Live Review technology that syncs audience feedback with videos as they’re recorded. Observe and assess student presentations in real time or anytime for asynchronous flexibility.

Peer Review

Increase the quantity and diversity of feedback received—and help students learn how to give their own feedback—by enabling Peer Review. Limit who can see and critique videos or allow anyone in the course to give and review feedback on all videos.

Auto-Pause & Playback Controls

When you begin typing or recording audio/video feedback, the video you’re viewing pauses automatically. Watch any video at up to 2x the playback speed, or roll it back to watch again.


Be notified by email when students submit new videos for grading or when new direct feedback is added to a video submission. Choose to receive notifications hourly, daily, weekly or never.

Guest Review

Securely invite any reviewer to assess and give feedback on select student videos without granting them access to other sessions, assignments or users. Generate email invitations or share links granting limited access to select videos.

Time-Coded Multimodal Feedback

Give text, audio or video feedback synced to precise moments in student videos. Control when feedback is shared so you can grade at a time, pace and place that works for you.

Customisable Marker Sets

Automate recurring feedback with up to 30 customisable, shareable video markers. With one click, you can add a colour-coded marker to tag common mistakes or competencies.

Customisable Rubrics

Create and share rubrics or scorecards to standardise grading, support structured scoring and help students understand assessment criteria on any assignment.

AI-Enhanced Features

Designed with learning as the priority, use AI to speed up delivery of initial feedback and insights.

AI Comments

As a part of the AI Assistant in GoReact, automated, AI-generated feedback is instantly delivered to students as initial insights to promote more practice and enhanced self-reflection. Save faculty time with AI-generated comments that speed up repetitive feedback.

AI Metrics

Access AI-generated analytics covering essential elements of communication, including pacing, filler words, hedging words, and pauses.

AI Markers

As a part of the AI Assistant in GoReact, flag specific behaviors with AI-generated, color-coded markers. Save time using automated, time-stamped markers that speed up repetitive feedback.

Searchable Transcript

Search, review, and analyze the transcript for each student’s video submission. Pinpoint specific moments in the video for reference and discussion with time-stamped information.

Courses, Content & Insights

Streamline skills-based learning with time-saving tools for creating courses and content.


Organise and manage course content you create in GoReact using collections in your library. Sort by course, topic, content type or any criteria you choose. Collaborate with other instructors by inviting them to access content in your shared collections.

Assignment & Rubric Templates

Save time by reusing assignment and rubric templates from your library, which can be shared with other instructors.

Assignment Types

Use three assignment types in GoReact—Standard, Stimulus and Comment Only—to create formative and summative assessments. Customise settings to allow only one attempt, set a time limit, disable rewinding of source videos and more.

Progress Reports

Download reports to compare presenter scores, audience engagement, feedback given or received and progress over time.

Simple Recording Features

Record and upload videos with no special equipment, downloads or plugins.

Video Record & Upload

Use any video recording device, including your mobile phone or the built-in webcam on your tablet or laptop, to record and submit videos in GoReact. Upload existing videos saved as any common video file format.

Background Blur

Any presenter can use Background Blur to obscure their surroundings while keeping their presentation in focus. This helps maintain student privacy and minimise distractions.

Mobile App

Instructors and students who log in directly at (not through an LMS integration) use the GoReact Mobile App to record all assignment types, and to do everything they can do on the desktop app: manage courses, give feedback and grade assignments.

Multi-Camera Support

Assess skills from multiple angles using the GoReact Recorder. It enables up to four cameras/angles for a single presenter. Use up to nine cameras for group presenters, or add even more (100+) with our Zoom integration.

Screen Sharing & Recording

Share and record presentation slides, documents, images and multimedia with a split-screen view that can be synced to live or recorded videos.

Accessibility, Privacy & Security

Provide an accessible, private and secure video assessment experience for every student.

WCAG & ARIA Conformance

GoReact conforms to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and complies with ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) standards. Refer to our Compliance page for more info.

GDPR Compliance

GoReact enables GDPR compliance, an EU-based secure recording experience and allows teachers to record directly into GoReact—so videos live on secure servers, rather than local devices.

Data Encryption

Videos and user data is managed by internal and external security experts, and is protected by enterprise-grade encryption, security and data controls while at rest and in transit.

Closed Captions

As part of our commitment to accessibility, GoReact uses the latest AI technology for real-time closed captions, which are displayed as presenters speak, and autocorrected based on context. Closed caption and audio description files can also be added to existing videos.

Cloud Hosting & Video Storage

All data in GoReact is stored, processed and transmitted on secure cloud servers in the EU. Software licenses include unlimited video storage for up to five years.


GoReact maintains SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance, taking data responsibility very seriously.

Ready to see how GoReact can help you save time and simplify skills-based learning?