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What do translating a speech, inserting an IV catheter, and teaching classroom geography have in common? They’re all skills demonstrated in GoReact. See how GoReact combines video + feedback to empower confident skills for learners everywhere.


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“I am a GoReact enthusiast! I love the feedback options, the possibility of adding stimuli for students and having all my students’ recordings in one platform.”

Dr Eloísa Monteoliva
Head of Postgraduate Translation & Interpreting
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Campus

“A key skill that students need to develop and improve to get to degree standard is really good presentations. Using GoReact, and being able to pinpoint exact areas of development and praise, has been really valuable for us.”

Sophie Cookson
Teaching & Learning Consultant
Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK

“GoReact works very well for occupational and physio therapy. It is so easy, the tools are straight forward and the rubrics allow us to score quickly. We’re very happy with GoReact.”

Hendrik Coucke
Staff Member, Educational Technology, VIVES University of Applied Sciences, West-Flanders, Belgium

“The interface is so friendly and clear. I use GoReact literally every day.”

Danielle Leek
Associate Professor of Communications, Grand Valley State University, USA

Use a Proven & Universal Method for Skill Development

No matter the language or task, competent skills require three things: deliberate practice, timely feedback and self-reflection. From this research-proven combination, GoReact provides advanced video and feedback tools for learners in any academic or technical programme anywhere.

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Students record and submit videos demonstrating any skill—psychomotor, communicative or critical thinking—with a smartphone or webcam.

Give time-stamped feedback synced to key moments in student videos from any time zone, campus or remote geolocation.

Save Time for More Actionable Feedback

From Austria to Australia, GoReact saves educators almost half the time observing, assessing and giving feedback on skills. The streamlined observation and assessment experience gives educators time back to focus on delivering more timely, actionable feedback.

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Modernise Your EdTech Stack

What’s your edtech strategy for skills assessment? With GoReact you can gather evidence of competency while providing flexible, scalable and experiential learning in online, hybrid and in-person courses. That’s why video assessment software is quickly becoming an essential part of the modern edtech stack.

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Faculty and administrations use reporting to enhance student engagement and track progress over time.

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Frequently Asked

GoReact is an ideal tool to use in your ITT and PGCE courses. From early benchmarking to student teaching in the field, GoReact allows providers to capture video of trainee teachers for formative feedback, assessment and critique of their skills. Educators save time. Trainees gain skills and confidence quickly.

The software is designed to aid the relationship and build trust between teaching students, mentors and reviewers at the accrediting institution. This means that the placement school and university can both have secure access to each trainee’s lessons and activities in order to provide feedback, collate evidence, and support mentors.

GoReact is used in more that 30 countries to support all types of communication and language learning. The video + feedback model gives sign language and foreign language learners a flexible way to demonstrate speaking, signing or interpreting skills. The software offers a range of features that enable consecutive and simultaneous practice for formative activities and summative exams.

A GoReact feature that stands out for many language and interpretation programmes is multimodal feedback. With signing and spoken languages, written feedback isn’t ideal—students need to hear accent, pronunciation and word stress, and signers need to see how to configure their fingers and arms. With GoReact, it’s just as easy to provide audio and video time-stamped feedback as written feedback.

Many educators also find the stimulus assignments in GoReact perfect for interpretation courses and programmes. With the stimulus assignment, educators upload a prompt (text, audio, video or slideshow) and have students record their interpretation simultaneously. As they grade, instructors can see the original prompt next to each student’s recording.

Students around the world may feel anxious about recording themselves for the first time, and some cultures may be less comfortable or familiar with using video in an educational context. For these types of situations, many GoReact users recommend assigning a GoReact assignment early.

At the beginning of the semester, assign a short and low stakes assignment (e.g., having students record a 30-second video introducing themselves to their peers). Another strategy is for educators to record themselves demonstrating a skill and having students comment on it. If you do this early in the semester, it demonstrates your commitment to video + feedback and makes learners excited to join this interactive and personalised approach to learning.