GoReact Features 

GoReact allows educators to easily capture video of students for assessment of vital skills and advanced feedback. The unlimited amount of video storage is securely hosted in the cloud, so recording, viewing, and grading can happen anytime and anywhere.

Educators save time. Students develop skills faster.

Innovative Recording Features


Anytime from anywhere, record a live video in GoReact directly via the web or with our smartphone app. Or, you can upload an existing video or link.


Just point and shoot. You don’t need pesky browser plug-ins or downloads to record with GoReact.

Multi-Camera Support

Up to nine participants can record simultaneously. The possibilities are endless: team presentations, web conferencing, additional camera angles, virtual language labs, and more.


Upload your presentation slides directly into GoReact so they accompany your presentation video in a split-screen format.

Stimulus Assignment

Upload a prompt (text, audio, video, or slideshow) and have students respond. You can set up mock interview questions for students to answer or segments for students to translate.

Screen Recording

Students and instructors can easily record and share their screens as part of their presentation. Share documents, images, YouTube videos, applications, and so much more. 

Advanced Feedback Features


Wish you could flag a common mistake with one click? Or mark a crucial moment in a video? That’s exactly what you can do with our markers. Use up to 30 unique, customizable markers to save hours of time coding videos.

Multimodal Feedback

Sometimes the best feedback is communicated through writing, speaking, or motion. With GoReact, instructors can give feedback in the best way—through text, audio, or video.

Time Code

All feedback is automatically attached to a video time code so it’s easy to identify and find.

Time Stamp

Click on any feedback and the video automatically jumps to the exact moment the feedback relates to. This makes it easy for students to review instructor and peer feedback.


GoReact automatically pauses the video when you give feedback. It creates a time-saving “no-click” workflow to giving feedback.

Live Feedback

GoReact pioneered the patent-pending technology for syncing audience feedback with recordings of live presentations. Now, instructors can give feedback and grade student presentations as they happen in real-time.

Comment Reply

Comment replies turn any comment into a chat-style discussion thread.

Feedback Hold

Instructors control when feedback and grades are shared with their students.

Insightful Analytic Features


To standardize grading and feedback, create and share rubrics directly within GoReact.

Progress Report

Get downloadable reports to compare presenters’ scores, marker frequency, and progress over time.

Test / Quiz

Test students’ skills by only allowing one attempt and entering a time limit.

Feedback Graph

Peers provide a thumbs-up and thumbs-down graph during a presentation to help illustrate audience engagement.



No additional equipment required. Most GoReact users make recordings with a built-in webcam or smartphone that they already have.

Media Storage

For most users, account data and media will be stored in our secure Amazon cloud storage. Enterprise accounts allow for the customer to host their own media file server.


All videos are private by default. Instructors control who has access to each of their courses and also control student privacy at an assignment level. GoReact also uses enterprise-grade encryption, security, and data controls. 

Closed Captions

As part of our commitment to accessibility, GoReact uses the latest AI technology to accurately display real-time closed captions. Text is displayed as people speak, and is autocorrected based on the context of what is being said.

LMS Integration

Students seamlessly complete video assignments in their LMS without realizing they’re using a separate tool. For instructors, grading and feedback are a breeze.

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