Setting Up a Observation That Is Easy for Teachers and Mentors To Use

A short clip showing the GoReact platform and how it is set up for the candidate with examples of mentor feedback

See a real-world teacher candidate observation assignment and how it aligns with teaching standards. Then see how mentor feedback is collected for use by the candidate to improve teaching practice.


Sean McCarthy:

Each of our candidates has their own course set up with their mentor that they can easily navigate to. So all of this candidates videos reside in this specific course that they have with the specific inquiries that we ask them to utilize.

And as you can see, all of the comments that our mentor has added are tagged to a standard. Standard one is our engaging and supporting student learning. Standard two is creating and maintaining environments for learning. And we do one of two things with these, either the mentor add a very kind of objective observational comment just as if you were scripting an observation that the candidate can then take if it’s some evidence that they’re demonstrating relating to that standard. And then they take this evidence and they can add it to what we call our continuing of teaching practice that they basically add to their portfolio. And this gives them really powerful evidence that they can use at the end of our program to show where they have demonstrated evidence of application for each of these different standards.