K-12 Education

Go Beyond Web Conferencing
K-12 leadership teams now have access to GoReact’s video capture and time-coded feedback to facilitate immediate job-embedded growth and learning.

The Learning Landscape Has Changed

In these new learning environments, we’re all students again. To efficiently and effectively adapt, K-12 leadership teams can use GoReact.

GoReact is designed to maximize the power of video, as described by John Haddle, by combining every form of video capture and feedback. This combination of video and feedback will help nurture rapid professional skill development in your schools.

Effective for All Your Learning Needs

New Teacher Induction

Teacher PD / Teacher Training

Teacher Certification (Traditional / ARL)

Teacher Evaluation (Face-to-Face / Online)

Teacher Brainstorming

Cross Curricular Coordination

SPED Integration

Department Planning & Execution Meetings

Mentor / Mentee Support

Online PLC’s

Educator Well Being (Peer-to-Peer Interaction)

And More!

Over 9 Million Videos Submitted with GoReact