How Did GoReact Start?

About GoReact

In the Beginning . . .

Dr. Bill Baker was trapped—trapped in the most boring meeting of his life.

He thought back on his 30 years of management communication teaching, musing about a way to improve the quality of the presentation.

And that’s the moment GoReact was born.

Now universities everywhere use GoReact to deliver online video feedback to students. They go on to become awesome at all kinds of skills: public speaking, sign language, student teaching, counseling, foreign languages, performing arts, nursing, and more.

To read the unabridged story, check out GoReact’s Origins: The Story, the Problem, and the Solution.

What’s Up Since?

Helping students gain essential skills crazy fast

GoReact is on a mission to close the skills gap! We help prepare students for successful futures and give educators the tools they need to spend more time teaching and less time grading and managing student videos.

If changing the world of education and loving your job sounds like your kind of thing, check out our open positions.

Working at GoReact

A Compelling Company Culture

GoReact isn’t just changing education. We’re also on a mission to create a great workplace. We’re always looking for super talented people who like to have a little fun while they make a difference. You can read all about our fearless leaders here at GoReact.

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