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Skills checks. Head-to-toe assessments. Debriefings. All your clinical strategies to prepare confident practitioners, communicators, and decision makers can be streamlined with GoReact. Increase nurse readiness with time-saving tools that support clinical learning everywhere.


Why Instructors Choose GoReact

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Connect Theory to Practice—With Better Practice

Nursing is a hands-on profession, and nursing students need hands-on practice. With GoReact, they can use video + feedback to connect what they learn in lectures and the simulation lab to what they'll do as nurses. Gather objective evidence of competence as your students hone their skills in the lab, at home, or anywhere.

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Nursing students record and submit videos demonstrating any skill with a smartphone or webcam.

Nurse educators and peer reviewers give time-coded feedback synced to precise moments in student videos.

Validate Skills & Conduct Debriefings Twice as Fast (No Asterisk)

How much time do you spend validating skills and debriefing students? Nurse educators who use GoReact tell us they can do both in half the time. Double your impact by doing more skills assessments in less time, even as you give every student more actionable feedback.

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Deliver Innovative Learning Experiences Relevant to Clinical Practice

Nursing programs face a challenge: how to prepare every new nurse for the present and future of healthcare. GoReact gives you the power to deliver innovative learning experiences programwide using flexible, scalable technology relevant to clinical practice.

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Faculty and administrators use reporting tools to compare student engagement and progress over time.

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Frequently Asked

First, you create an assignment in GoReact for the skill or skills to be evaluated. Your students then record videos of themselves as they demonstrate proper procedures and techniques. Using video gives them flexibility to practice skills anytime from anywhere until they achieve mastery.

You can watch and evaluate student videos (in real time or asynchronously), and give text, audio, or video feedback that’s automatically synced to precise moments in the video recording. Through your LMS integration, you can pass grades directly to your gradebook.

You can maximize clinical learning opportunities by allowing students to record clinical hours and submit simulation videos for evaluation, feedback, and debriefing. This creates opportunities for students to practice and demonstrate clinical judgment by showing how they prioritize, make decisions, and take initiative.

Nurse educators use GoReact to build and record interactive SBAR, SBIRT, patient education, therapeutic communication, and cultural competency exercises. With robust assessment tools designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness, they’re able to give more personalized feedback in less time to help improve learning outcomes.

Nursing faculty use GoReact for a range of learning activities—everything from didactic to experiential learning. For example, they observe students in real time or in recorded videos as they practice skills, do role plays, give presentations, and complete interactive video assignments based on evidence-based strategies.

GoReact also enables peer review and self-reflection, which increases both the quantity and diversity of feedback students receive on their video assignments.