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No skill is more essential than communication. It's a core requirement for every degree program at your institution. So whether you teach COMM 101 for freshmen or executive communication for MBAs, GoReact helps you prepare more self-aware, confident communicators for college, career, and life.


Why Instructors Choose GoReact

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Keep Students in the Practice, Feedback, & Self-Reflection Loop

Rather than emphasizing repetition, deliberate practice improves communication skills through feedback and self-reflection. Use these research-based strategies with GoReact to help students overcome anxiety, become self-aware, and polish their presentation skills.

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Students record and submit videos demonstrating any communication skill—public speaking, interviewing, sales pitches, and more—with a smartphone or webcam.

Communication professors and peer reviewers give time-coded feedback synced to precise moments in presenter videos.

Grade Presentations Faster—No Complexity or Clipboards Required

Using video for student presentations doesn't require complex equipment or separate software for video capture, storage, and assessment (and it never requires a clipboard). GoReact lets you capture, store, grade, and give personalized feedback faster with one simple tool for video + feedback.

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Make Student Engagement Reflexive (& Reflective) With Peer Review

How do you keep students engaged when it's not their turn to present—and create reports to monitor engagement? Peer review in GoReact turns audience boredom into active participation. Keep all heads up on presentation day by creating more opportunities for every student to give, get, and reflect on targeted feedback.

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Faculty and administrators use reporting tools to compare student engagement and progress over time.

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Frequently Asked

You can use GoReact to record and assess student presentations in any modality (face-to-face, hybrid, and online). It requires no special equipment or training—instructors and students capture videos using a webcam or the camera on their smartphone.

Video files can be submitted to GoReact using our web or mobile app. The GoReact mobile app provides the same functionality as our desktop application, including the ability for students to record and upload assignments, review instructor feedback, and browse all assignments.

Instructors can use the mobile app to review and give feedback on assignments (including live review), manage courses and assignments, complete rubrics, submit grades, and invite course users.

Student presentation anxiety (also known as oral communication apprehension) has three main causes: fear of being humiliated in front of peers, negative past presenting experiences, and lack of preparation.

Research on presentation anxiety shows that students who use video to record and reflect on their performance have less anxiety over time. Studies have also found that receiving positive feedback from instructors and peers decreases anxiety by increasing self-awareness and confidence.

By combining video + feedback in one simple, cloud-based tool, GoReact enables students to record and reflect on presentations from anywhere, and instructors and peer reviewers to give actionable feedback to help students improve their presentation skills.

Beyond using GoReact for live, asynchronous, and group presentations, you can use it for a variety of assignment types. For example, instead of assigning written responses to class readings, you can have students record and submit oral responses as a way to increase engagement and save time.

Additionally, you can create comment-only assignments where students watch a video and use feedback tools in GoReact to critique a famous speech, debate, or even one of your lectures. You can also use GoReact to facilitate mock interviews in online courses, or for any assignment that requires students to demonstrate or critique communication skills.

Many employers say college students aren't learning communication skills, listening skills, critical thinking skills, and interpersonal skills. As more jobs give way to automation, it's important for students to cultivate a range of soft skills that are uniquely human.

You can use GoReact to help students improve everything from their public speaking and presentation skills to their listening and interviewing skills. With GoReact, students have the flexibility to practice communication skills from anywhere, so they're not limited to applying what they learn in class to time spent in class. And, because GoReact emphasizes feedback and reflection, it humanizes skill development for students in any learning environment.