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Teacher candidates need professional observations for disposition screenings, fieldwork, and more. GoReact documents that progress, saving time and budget for faculty and supervisors, and giving pre-service teachers visibility and feedback to become confident, reflective educators.


Why Instructors Choose GoReact

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Boost Personalized Feedback & Reflective Practice

As candidates watch videos of themselves teaching, research shows that it builds strong reflective practice. GoReact gives teacher candidates what they want: more opportunities to reflect and share their field experiences with supervisors, mentors, and peers.

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Pre-service teachers record and submit videos demonstrating a myriad of skills—peer communication, content mastery, fieldwork, and more—with a smartphone or webcam.

At a flexible time, supervisors give time-stamped feedback synced to key moments in the observation video.

Save Time & Budget on Observations

Do supervisors spend more time in their cars or the classroom? With GoReact for in-person and remote observations, you’ll spend less time and budget traveling, and more quality time watching and giving objective feedback on student videos.

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Record Growth & Evidence To Prove It

Helping you save on travel and faculty time, GoReact enables your program to offer more courses and fieldwork opportunities. As you grow, GoReact helps you measure, assess, and demonstrate—with compelling video evidence—how you meet accreditation standards. Teacher candidates also build experience, confidence, and video libraries for certification.

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Frequently Asked

The most popular use case for GoReact is formal observations, but many TPPs also integrate GoReact early on in their curriculum with disposition screenings and foundational courses. For example, in methodology courses, instructors ask students to record group discussions and presentations, to review teaching video examples, and to give feedback to candidates practicing new teaching techniques.

Whatever certification looks like in your state, chances are it requires a video submission. Those videos often cause anxiety, and that’s where GoReact can help. The earlier and more frequently candidates use GoReact, the more comfortable they are in front of a camera, and the larger their video library when it’s time to submit.

Some GoReact users specialize in edTPA or AAQEP. These professors use rubrics and assignments to help candidates practice the written and analytical portions of their assessments. If you want more specifics and ideas, check out our edTPA resources.

While programs use GoReact for remote and asynchronous observations to save time and money, many programs still require at least one in-person, synchronous observation.

For those in-person observations, pre-service teachers set up a webcam or the camera on their smartphone and record directly in GoReact. This allows supervisors to give real-time feedback as they observe in the classroom. Supervisors can also watch videos remotely but still give feedback in real time.

In contrast to the old paper and pencil method for onsite observations, GoReact gives candidates the ability to review and reflect on their performance with time-stamped feedback. It gives supervisors the ability to review recordings later to ensure they didn’t miss anything, and administrators access to feedback and rubrics for analytics.

GoReact is built for simplicity and ease of use. In fact, many GoReact instructors and students tell us they’re able to figure it out by just playing around for a few minutes. We also offer full training and user support.

In many teacher education programs, supervisors tend to be the most reluctant to adopt new technology. If this is the case, administrators can quickly set up observation assignments in GoReact, which enables supervisors to log in and begin giving feedback.