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Today’s learners are career-minded, and careers are powered by skills. Not only technical skills but soft skills like communication and critical thinking. See how any skill you teach can be practiced, observed, assessed—and mastered—with GoReact for video + feedback.


Why Instructors Choose GoReact

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Teach Any Skill in Any Modality

How do you adapt skills-based courses for online or hybrid delivery? With GoReact, students in a broad range of programs use video to develop skills, demonstrate competence, and reflect on their performance from anywhere. Beyond core skills-based programs, here’s a cross section of other disciplines using GoReact for hands-on learning:

  • Art & Animation
  • Criminal Justice
  • Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Sciences
  • Trade Skills

Learn more about simple recording features in GoReact

Students practice and record presentations, performances, or field work on video.

Instructors and peer reviewers give time-coded feedback synced to precise moments in student videos.

Give More Personalized Feedback in Less Time

Learning by doing may be the most personalized approach to education, and the most time-consuming to grade. That’s where GoReact comes in. Designed to streamline observation and assessment, it makes giving personalized, skill-by-skill feedback faster and more effective.

Learn more about feedback and assessment features in GoReact

Focus on Skill Development & Workforce Training

Educational technology is ubiquitous, but only a small fraction of edtech innovations help learners develop hands-on career skills. GoReact provides a flexible, scalable way to support in-person, online, and hybrid programs for skill development and workforce training.

Learn more about reporting tools in GoReact

Faculty and administrators use reporting tools to compare student engagement and progress over time.

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Frequently Asked

GoReact integrates with major learning management systems to enable seamless authentication, course creation, grade passback, and more. Supported platforms include Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, Moodle, and Schoology.

You can use three assignment types in GoReact to assess skills and competencies in any academic or technical program:

  • Standard assignments require students to record or upload a video demonstrating specific skills (as part of an individual or group presentation, performance, or fieldwork experience) and submit it for feedback.
  • Stimulus assignments require students to respond to a prompt video or other media (good for interpreting and mock interviews). Their response is automatically synced to the prompt video for easy review and grading.
  • Comment Only assignments require students to evaluate and give feedback on a video (used to check for comprehension and fine-tune observation/evaluation skills).

GoReact enables multimodal feedback with time-coded text, audio, and video comments. You can also create Marker Sets to automate recurring feedback with one-click tags. Upload PDFs and images from your GoReact Library to give students visual feedback on how to perform a specific skill, and use customizable rubrics to standardize scoring.

GoReact makes skills-based assessments possible in online and hybrid courses, but instructors also use it in face-to-face courses to streamline grading and assessment. The Live Review feature enables real-time feedback from instructors and peer reviewers during in-class presentations.