Use GoReact to Better Prepare Your Teacher Candidates

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Hundreds of teacher prep programs use GoReact in their online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses for disposition screenings, methodology courses, and student teaching. You should too.

Let us show you what GoReact can do for your teacher prep program.

What is GoReact? 

GoReact is a feedback tool that allows instructors, supervisors, and administrators to efficiently observe, assess, and coach their teacher candidates’ video submissions and assignments.

Easy and Ready to Go



Teacher candidates learn faster when they can see themselves along with your feedback at exactly the right moment. GoReact lets you make time-coded, evidence-based comments on videos of your candidates. 

GoReact also lightens the load by allowing supervisors to do observations remotely, and many programs to do more observations than they ever could before.

• Easy to use—requires virtually zero training
• Seamless LMS integration
• Free onboarding and support
• Perennial favorite with educators & students

• Equitable — can be used entirely on a mobile device
• Unlimited video storage—no hidden costs
• 100% Private and secure
• FERPA, COPPA, HIPAA compliant
• Accessible—VPAT/508 & WCAG 2.1 compliant

“GoReact helps us improve the quality of teacher education.”
Dr. Jan Miller
Dean of the College of Education at University of West Alabama