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Evaluating counseling sessions?

So What Is GoReact?

GoReact is the #1 video tool for teaching counseling and procedural skills. This video solution specializes in recording counseling sessions and delivering time-coded instructor feedback to students. And it’s 100% HIPAA compliant! Want to learn more?

In 2015 Dr. Flynn and Dr. Hays carefully crafted an effective counseling skills rubric to evaluate students and help them develop important skills. 

This rubric is intended for training graduate-level mental health professionals (i.e. MFT, counseling, and social work). It may also be used in a myriad of ways by counseling educators, supervisors, and programs.

This rubric evaluates:

  • Invitational skills
  • Attending skills
  • Influencing skills
  • Phases of the counseling session
  • Aspects of the counseling relationship

And Dr. Flynn and Dr. Hays want your feedback to improve the rubric!