DET/CHE Conference 2022

If you aren’t already using GoReact, use the form below to request a demo. See how GoReact video assessment software combines video + feedback to empower confident skills in any discipline. When you complete the demo, we’ll send you a $20 Amazon gift card.

About the Demo

We’ll show you how GoReact improves the student experience across campus by making it easier for every student to learn through experience. Learn how using GoReact can help you:

Gather Objective Evidence of Competence

Use video to gather objective evidence of student competence for certification or accreditation.

Assess Performance Anytime, Anywhere

Sync video + feedback for flexible, reliable, and secure performance assessments in any modality.

Boost Confidence With Deliberate Practice

Give students a flexible way to practice, reflect on, and improve their skills online or on campus.

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