Preparing a Generation of Innovators in Nursing Education

How do you tackle the myriad of problems plaguing today’s healthcare system?

For Dr. Tiffany Kelley, one solution is by empowering nurses as innovators. As the creator of the Know My Patient App, she witnessed firsthand how a little innovation can drive significant improvements in nursing and health care. And she believes your students can do it too.

In this free recorded workshop, Tiffany:

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About Dr. Kelley

Dr. Tiffany Kelley does it all. She’s an author, visiting professor, entrepreneur, founder/CEO, and a leading expert on healthcare innovation and informatics. In the space of a year, Kelley was awarded Excellence in Innovation for Nightingale Apps’ Know My Patient and became the first nurse in the United States to be appointed as a visiting professor. She has spent the past few years working as DeLuca Foundation Visiting Associate Professor for Innovations and New Knowledge at UConn School of Nursing.

About GoReact

GoReact is reshaping education by humanizing and accelerating skills-based learning. More than 750 colleges and universities worldwide use GoReact to facilitate scalable video observation, coaching, and assessment for rapid skill development. With simple, interactive tools for collaborative learning and personalized feedback, GoReact helps nursing students demonstrate skill competency with greater human connection and engagement. Learn more at

  • Shares the benefits of preparing nursing students with the right knowledge, skills, and attitudes toward innovation. 
  • Presents a framework to integrate innovation into a nursing curriculum.
  • Answers participant questions.

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Free Workshop

Dr. Tiffany Kelley, Visiting Professor University of Connecticut 
& CEO of Nightingale Apps & iCare Nursing Solutions

Tuesday, November 23, 2021 @ 2 p.m. ET