ReAction Presenter

ReAction Presenter Information


Thank you for presenting at ReAction 2024, our virtual conference for skill development. Here’s what you need to know before the event:


✔️ Please be sure you have the most recent version of Zoom downloaded and all updates installed.


✔️ Your unique session link was sent via an email from Zoom and through a Google calendar invite. This link will take you to the Zoom Events page where you will see your session. If asked to create a guest profile, feel free to hit dismiss (if you want to create a profile to network with other attendees, this can be done later). Click the blue “Join” button to join your session.


✔️ Be sure to join 10 minutes before your session begins (the time listed on the Google Calendar invite). You’ll be placed “Backstage” with your GoReact host and backend host.


✔️ You’ll have a few minutes to test your camera, mic, and practice sharing your screen.


✔️ You’ll have two GoReact representatives in your session to support you. Your GoReact host will start with a quick intro and housekeeping. The GoReact backend host (who will be off screen) will post polls, answer questions in the chat, and handle any technical difficulties that might arise.


✔️ If you are leaving time during/at the end of your session for questions, your GoReact host will help facilitate those questions and hand raises. At the end of the session, the GoReact technical host will end the session.


IMPORTANT: If you are a GoReact customer and plan to show how you implement and use GoReact, please consider the data you choose to show. GoReact is not liable for any personal data shown during the broadcast and subsequent recorded viewings.


Important Due Dates:

Send all items to Abby Wilson


GoReact will promote your session on the ReAction website, in our pre-event emails, and in ads. We’ll also tag you on social media (if you have shared your handles). Here are ways you can promote ReAction:


If you have any questions or need help or input, please email Erin Stanley.
If you have any technical questions, please reach out to Abby Wison.