Wrapping Up 2020 with Three New GoReact Features

Wrapping Up 2020 with Three New GoReact Features

To say that 2020 has been rough—well, it’s a bit of an understatement.  

GoReact is releasing three new features and improvements to end 2020 on a more optimistic note. These features will save educators time and provide new insights as you finish the fall semester. 

Here are the highlights: 

Live Review for Stimulus Assignments 

You can now give feedback on stimulus assignments as they’re being recorded. This new live review function will save ASL and foreign language instructors buckets of time during midterms and finals. 

Never heard of our stimulus assignment? The stimulus assignment allows instructors to upload prompts (text, audio, video, or slideshows) and have students respond. You can set up mock interview questions for students to answer or segments for students to translate. 

Stimulus Assignment Guide for Instructors

Auto-Pause for Comment Replies

A favorite customer feature is the video automatically pausing in GoReact when you give feedback. Well, we’re extending that time-saving “no-click” workflow when you and learners reply to comments. Now, videos automatically pause when you write a reply to an existing comment. 

More and more, we’re seeing students reply to instructor feedback in GoReact. This auto-pause on comment replies will save you time and encourage meaningful dialogues. 

Time-saving features and more access to metrics? At least some good stuff came out of 2020. Click To Tweet

Rubric Reports

Metrics! Oh, sweet metrics. 

As the semester comes to a close, access and analyze student outcomes by reviewing invaluable data collected in GoReact. With a few clicks, the new Rubrics Report feature imports a group of students’ results for a specific GoReact assignment, presentation, or skill assessment. You can compare how an entire class, multiple sections, or even past sections fared on a GoReact assignment.

Think of all the possibilities:

  • Metrics to identify skills or outcomes the class is mastering or failing to master
  • Metrics to identify trends or inconsistencies across sections 
  • Metrics to analyze the effectiveness of a particular tool or assignment

Rubric Reports Guide for Instructors 

Time-saving features and more access to metrics? At least some good stuff came out of 2020. Here’s to ending the year on a high note!