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5 Benefits of Adopting GoReact Campuswide


5 Benefits of Adopting GoReact Campuswide

Implementing new technology can be a struggle. Implementing new technology on a campuswide level can be nothing short of intimidating. So, it was important for decision makers at Purdue University Fort Wayne to not only find a tool that would be valuable for instructors and students, but also a vendor who would partner with them to navigate the ebbs and flows of technology introduction. That’s where GoReact came in. 

We spoke with Purdue Fort Wayne employees Kathleen Surface, LMS administrator, and Xiaokai (Katie) Jia, Associate Director of the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching, who shared the top five reasons they chose GoReact and why they continue to support its long-term use.

Purdue University Fort Wayne Programs That Use GoReact

1. It’s Cost-Effective

Instructors and administrators at Purdue University Fort Wayne are conscious of the many costs associated with education. After researching the efficacy of GoReact and weighing it against its cost per student, they determined that savings would be greater at a campuswide level.  So they secured a tool that would become irreplaceable to users at their university, while ensuring that it would not become an added expense for instructors or students.

2. It Saves Time

GoReact offers features that allow instructors to provide more authentic, detailed feedback to their students while saving them precious time. Katie outlined the features instructors love most: 

  • Automatic Video Pausing. While reviewing student videos, instructors can start typing or recording their feedback, causing the video to pause automatically. The video will automatically resume playing after feedback is typed or recorded. 
  • Time-Coded Feedback. Comments are linked to a timestamp, allowing students to review the relevant footage with one click. 
  • Multimodal Feedback. GoReact’s flexibility allows instructors to add text, video, and audio feedback, making interactions more authentic.
  • Automatic Rewind. When students click on instructors’ comments, the video automatically rewinds to five seconds before the instructor started adding the comment.
  • Markers. Customizable color-coded labels make giving feedback faster and easier.

3. It’s Simple and Efficient

Because educational needs vary widely, there are many different ways to support demands that arise. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. 

Administrators at Purdue University Fort Wayne make the adoption of GoReact technology easier by providing creative guides explaining technical aspects of the software, offering workshops where instructors can determine how best to take advantage of the system, and providing one-on-one consultations when needed. In addition, GoReact employees are always available to help; so, there’s no shortage of support. 

Another important piece of the equation is the student experience. Students need a simple way to practice, demonstrate, and reflect on skills in any modality in order to master them. Since introducing GoReact, Kathleen said, “We haven’t seen a lot of difficulties for students at all—actually they’ve been very happy with it because the functionality didn’t exist prior to its implementation. This kind of interaction was very important for the students.”

4. It Can Be Used for In-Person and Remote Learning

This is a unique time for education. While universities once solely relied on in-person learning, remote and hybrid education are creating new possibilities. GoReact was designed to support learning in all modalities and disciplines, which is important at Purdue University Fort Wayne, where requirements look different for each department. The university currently uses GoReact to support hybrid learning in 34 courses by helping students make connections outside class time, enabling instructors to give critical feedback, and providing a way for students to present remote group projects. These are just a few examples of GoReact use cases.

5. Working With GoReact Employees Is Uncomplicated

According to Katie, ”When you first adopt a tool, there will be a learning curve, but with GoReact, it wasn’t a big curve. It was pretty smooth.” Once GoReact is integrated into a  system, it becomes our top priority to offer hand-in-hand support, every step of the way. It’s important to us that adopters feel a sense of understanding and relationship with our organization. Amid natural adoption challenges, Kathleen said, “I just have to say that [GoReact] has been so, so supportive, and otherwise we would not have been able to integrate properly. And now that those challenges have been resolved, we literally have no issues with using it with our LMS, Brightspace.”

GoReact believes that receiving support from an organization should not be difficult. In fact, we aim to lighten the load of instructors, administrators, students, and all who interact with our platform. If you would like to learn more about the possibilities for using GoReact at your university, reach out today.



Growing Need to Support Hybrid Learning

  • Administrators sought solutions to support in-person, remote, and hybrid learning long term.

Finding Affordable Technology

  • Decision makers were tasked to find a technology solution to support instructors and students campuswide-that wouldn’t break the bank.

Need for Campuswide Buy-In

  • Instructors and students campuswide needed to approve the new technology to avoid unnecessary complications.

GoReact Solutions


Effective Practice Platform

  • Using GoReact for remote and in-person observation, faculty can evaluate skills anytime, anywhere.

Reasonable Price Point

  • GoReact offers affordable prices, made even more competitive when purchased on a campuswide level.

Approval on a Large Scale

  • GoReact users find the technology easy to understand and implement, and see notable improvement in skill development.