Nursing Education

A Free App for Teaching Communication to Nursing Students

With the COMFORT Communications App, you’ll have easy access to knowledge-based resources for building communication skills in students

Discover a free online resource that is packed with content and strategies for teaching effective communication for the clinical environment.

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Elaine Wittenberg:

Now I want to really introduce the Comfort Communication App. This is a quick and easy resource for learning about the COMFORT Model. So if you are in a low resource institution, this is a great tool to use for your own communication instruction. The best news is, it’s free, absolutely free. It includes communication strategies, such as, things to look for, non-verbal communication, questions to ask and things to say in clinical situations. So it really identifies and gives you the content for communication knowledge. The app is available at the website here. It is not an app in terms of downloading onto your device. It is a web based platform, so you can use it on your phone or your desktop or your iPad. It doesn’t matter. And this screen on the left shows the menu options and they spell COMFORT, Connect, Options, Make Meaning, and so forth.