A Record Year at GoReact

A Record Year at GoReact

GoReact Family:

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 wasn’t the year any of us expected. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of our day-to-day interactions into the virtual world. But that hasn’t stopped our customers from finding ways to connect with your students and keep them on track. You’ve worked tirelessly to continue educating our future generations of interpreters, teachers, and healthcare professionals—and for that, I thank you.

Many of you have made phone calls and sent emails telling us how helpful GoReact has been during this time of remote learning. Thanks to your support, we have seen 70% growth in direct customer sales in 2020. Learners have recorded or uploaded more than 1.6 million videos in GoReact so far this year—an amazing feat! 

In addition to achieving record revenue growth, we’ve also launched some new product features recently, including phase one of an update to the software’s integration with Zoom. Users submitting assignments or adding media to their library now have an interface to upload their local Zoom recordings. Additional Zoom updates are expected to be announced in December 2020.

Finally, GoReact is introducing a refresh of our logo and color scheme. Our updated brand approach is just one of the many ways we’re continually evaluating and elevating the GoReact experience.

Our team has worked hard to not only scale our software to meet the growth we’ve experienced but also to continue delivering a product that is impactful and easy to implement. We look forward to enabling a growing number of educators across the globe to provide an effective and engaging learning experience for in-person and asynchronous environments.

All The Best,
Ken Meyers