Teacher Education

Accelerating Learning With Real-Time Feedback & Coaching

A discussion about how University of Texas at Austin overcame logistical and budget challenges and created a more effective coaching process

Immediate feedback has been shown to enhance learning by improving retention, skill acquisition, motivation, and overall performance.

Unfortunately, resource constraints, logistical challenges and financial limitations often hinder teacher prep programs from effectively observing and providing real-time feedback. 

Watch and hear how University of Texas at Austin overcame these challenges and achieved remarkable candidate growth through an innovative coaching model that prioritized real-time feedback.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Provide in-the-moment feedback without disrupting a classroom
  • Overcome budget, time and resource constraints while providing effective coaching
  • Drive deeper learning with self-awareness and reflective practices

Michelle Lambert-Yuhasz

Michelle Lambert-Yuhasz is a senior field trainer/analyst with University of Texas at Austin’s Meadows Center for Presenting Educational Risk (MCPER). She has provided high-quality professional development and technical assistance at the state, district, and campus levels in assessment, response to intervention, leadership, and evidence-based literacy practices. With more than 23 years of experience in the field, she has worked closely with directors, administrators, instructional coaches, and teachers to build sustainability with literacy and overall instructional practices. She holds an M.Ed. in educational leadership and a B.S. in special education. Prior to her work with MCPER, she was a special education teacher and new-teacher mentor. Her commitment is to meet educators where they are and inspire and move them to grow in their instructional practices.

LeeAnn McGraw

LeeAnn McGraw earned her B.S. in Applied Arts and Science and alternative certification for teaching EC-4 from Lamar University, M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from Stephen F. Austin, and obtained superintendent certification from Region 18. LeeAnn began educating as a teacher in 2007 at Center ISD teaching grades 6-12 in areas of Science, Reading, and CTE. LeeAnn later moved to West Texas to enter administration roles at levels from Pre-K to 3rd grade as a Principal at Pecos Barstow Toyah ISD. She went on to serve as a 5th -8th grade Principal at McCamey Middle School before moving to Sierra Blanca ISD. She is currently the Superintendent at Sierra Blanca ISD and prides herself on being an innovative leader and implementing researched based instruction.