Nursing Education

Advantages of Video Feedback in Nursing Education

A short video clip on the benefits of utilizing video feedback across various nursing courses

Hear from Patrick Luna about the benefits of using video feedback for nursing education, including reducing instructor workload, allowing for more personalized feedback and robust debriefs, and improving student competencies.


Patrick Luna:

There are numerous advantages to this method of feedback. It is efficient for my workflow. I don’t normally have time to provide individualized feedback to 120 students in my didactic course. We’re a really large program, here at the University of Colorado.

I can provide feedback on a discussion post or a reflection paper, in about twice the time it takes me to provide feedback in GoReact. It’s that streamlined. I really encourage you to look at it.

I have much more robust conversations with students, regarding their video submissions. We are able to pinpoint specific actions for improvement, that’s based on them submitting a video for evaluation.

I’ve also noticed that students are much more focused on improving in a very concrete way, because we are looking at something, and I can give them direct feedback on what they are doing. They can see what they need to improve, and it’s easier for them to conceptualize the action that they need to take.