The AI Assistant as Your Teaching Ally

A short video clip focused on how the AI Assistant can be an ally for instructors and a self-reflection tool for students

Hear how Matthew Short is thinking about the benefits of the AI Assistant in supporting instructors as an extra set of hands in providing feedback and supporting students in their self-reflection. Watch the Full Webinar


Matthew Short:

I’m a father of twin boys and a stepdaughter, which means I have real life practical experience of being asked to manage and deal with more things that I physically have the hands to do and or the mental capacity to do so effectively.

I like to think of this experiential learning when discussing the AI assistant. It is difficult to provide individualized time, energy, and focus when there are so many individuals that are reliant on our knowledge and subject matter expertise within any given area. We see the GoReact AI assistant as a metaphorical extra set of hands to aid you in this endeavor. By providing a baseline of data analytics and feedback that students can review it allows you the time to provide feedback and guidance based on your knowledge, your experience within your discipline, where your field is, where your field is going, and also allows you to incorporate your direct relationship with the students to make sure you’re providing feedback that you know is germane irrelevant based on that relationship. The assistant is truly intended to help shoulder that load that it takes to help learners grow and develop into their best selves.

We also feel that the GoReact AI assistant is providing significant benefits directly to your learners as well. They’re able to receive immediate feedback and analytics on their own performance that allows them to initiate that feedback and review cycle themselves even while they await that more personalized feedback from their instructors, their mentors, or even their peers. As your students are going into their professional careers, the ability to self-teach, self-assess, self-reflect on your own performance is going to be an invaluable skill. Leveraging the GoReact AI assistant, they can start to receive some immediate feedback that allows them to initiate and drive forward with self-correction, self-improvement, self-learning that is a skill and valuable component that will benefit them in their professional careers going forward.