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See how the AI Assistant in GoReact unlocks self-directed learning with AI-generated feedback and metrics

See for yourself how the AI Assistant within GoReact accelerates skill mastery by delivering learners initial insights through AI-generated feedback and saves faculty and coaches time by providing repetitive feedback. Then, get the full GoReact experience by booking a demo.

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We are incredibly excited to introduce the AI Assistant embedded within GoReact. Carefully designed and developed, with learning as the highest priority, to accelerate skill mastery in a number of different disciplines and direct skills. Now, in order to understand the overall impact of the AI Assistant, it’s important that we start right at the foundation of how GoReact is leveraging AI and build up and into the different features and functionalities provided. Now, immediately upon the submission of authentic video, direct recording or uploading a video into the GoReact system, the very first thing the AI touches is providing a time embedded and keyword searchable durable transcript. Within this transcript, we’re able to identify key moments throughout the video where particular verbiage and dialogue have been provided. Based on the transcript, the assistant is able to provide immediate analytic through the AI on different filler words, long pauses, speech space and rate and hedging words and phrases. These two combinations of AI foundation, the durable transcript and the AI produced analytics, lead up to positive constructive generative feedback. Now, the owner of this activity, an instructor, an evaluator, an instructional designer, have the ability to manage and own the way AI is being produced here. But all key indicators of praise, improvement, key identifiers, questions asked, video chaptering are all provided here, after being managed and owned by the owner, to positively construct any user on how they can improve. Basic objective measures with simple AI suggestion. Now, as a self evaluator, a student, a learner, I am able to receive immediate generative feedback upon the submission of my video so that I am able to self evaluate and learn at a pace that has never been seen before inside of GoReact. As the evaluator or instructor, or assessor, I’m able to receive immediate indicators around which portions of the video need my attention. Now, as the owner of the process here, the learning opportunity, I still with the right role and responsibility, instructor, assessor, evaluator, or higher can come in here to positively construct the feedback to know that the AI is producing quality feedback or deny the feedback that’s been provided. I own the opportunity to edit any of the comments that are being made here to provide additional context or change the dynamic at which the feedback is being provided for my users, for my learners. Now, inside of the feedback portion, all of this is done to accelerate and enhance one’s ability to receive and provide feedback. Outside of this space, managing the AI configurations is incredibly simple. Inside of my feedback settings, I am able to own any of the AI markers, however many or however few I choose, depending on the discipline that I am teaching or utilizing GoReact within, I am able to choose which discipline or which skill I am catering this learning opportunity towards and which AI generated markers and feedback it will be provided in the form of improvement, praise, video chaptering, key identifiers, questions asked, and so forth. All of this ready and available as of July 1st 2024 inside of the GoReact platform.