The AI Assistant in GoReact for Teacher Coaching

A webinar unveiling how GoReact is combining artificial intelligence and authentic feedback to empower coaches and mentors to make a bigger impact with fewer resources, while accelerating teacher skill development

Thursday, June 06, 2024 @ 1:00 pm EST

Discover the exciting updates coming to GoReact, including our AI Assistant, a powerful AI-enhanced feature carefully developed with teacher skill development as a priority.

Join us for this webinar led by Bill Maurer, K12 Senior Account Executive at GoReact, to explore the powerful new features that support coaches and teachers.

In this free webinar, you’ll learn how the AI Assistant in GoReact:

  • Gives coaches more time to deliver expert insights and personalized feedback by leveraging AI-powered automations that speed up repetitive feedback and deliver insightful analytics
  • Allows coaches to facilitate deeper, more personalized guidance by providing teachers with initial insights they need to refine their skills with AI-generated feedback
  • Promotes deliberate practice and self-reflection by providing teachers with timely and targeted feedback generated by AI

If you’re unable to join us on June 6, register to receive an email with a link to the recorded webinar.

Bill Maurer

Bill Maurer joined GoReact earlier this year and comes to us with over 15 years of K12 Professional Development experience. He has worked beside some of the most recognizable names in education; John Hattie, Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, John Almarode, Mike Mattos, Luis Cruz, Peter Dewitt, Jim Knight, and the list goes on. His focus has been on research-based best practices in the classroom and the impact great teaching has on students. He is super excited to join the GoReact team and continue his passion for education and helping create the best teachers we possibly can. “Every student deserves a Great teacher, not by chance, but by design.”—Doug Fisher