Teacher Education

AI Boosting Teachers’ Superpowers

A short video clip explaining a positive approach to using AI in education

Hear from different educators on their approach to AI, and why they welcome it.


Julie Stanley:

Okay. So my take on AI is that it’s all about using technology to boost teachers’ superpowers and making learning awesome for students. So instead of seeing AI as a replacement for teachers, which I know is a big fear of a lot of folks out there, I see it as their trusty sidekick helping them out and making their lives easier. So when it comes to training future teachers, I’m all about showing them how to tap into AI’s potential, to personalize lessons, cut down clerical responsibilities, cut that time down and keep families in the loop through good effective communication. It’s all about creating classrooms that everyone can shine in and allowing AI to be the helper along the way.

Jessica Lyons:

When I talk about AI in the classroom, I talk more about how teachers should start using it as their personal assistant. It’s that PA you always wanted, but you could never afford because a teacher. And I love the analogy of the calculator, because I used that too. This idea that what if we had never gone to calculators or what if we had never libraries gone from the Dewey Decimal system to online ways to look things up. So yeah, I’m on the same way. I think that my experience has been people are scared of it until you talk to them and show them what it can do, and then once they see it, they’re like, “Oh my gosh.” And then I always just as a teacher, the amount of time I have saved in the classroom in my life, right there, that sells it for me. So yeah, it’s my PA, it’s my personal assistant and that’s my philosophy on it.