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From Adaptive Learning to Predictive Analytics, AI Can Help

A short video clip on two ways artificial intelligence is being used at Athens State University

Hear Catherine Wehlburg, Ph.D. describe how her faculty are leveraging AI to support students. Watch the Full Webinar


Catherine Wehlburg:

And I think that also is helpful with adaptive learning so that we can create processes for students that we used to call using machine learning in a way to have a student answer some questions. And if they get it wrong, the system will go in and have them review more of that before they’re allowed to move on to the next one. And so with some content, we can use that adaptive learning, which is very helpful.

And then we’re also using AI for predictive analytics. So we’re actually being able to identify at risk students early on based information that they come into the university with, but then also things that they are doing now that can help us know, okay, we’re crunching a whole bunch of big data sets that AI can do very, very easily once we set the system up. And that can help us identify at risk students so that we can give them the support they need earlier rather than later.