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Assessment is the Fuel to the Fire of Learning

A short video clip about how assessment can be framed to fuel learning

Hear about WMG at Warwick University’s approach to assessment to ensure it is a learning tool and benefits graduates in their careers.


Graeme Knowles:

In WMG we’re very much that, my favorite Socrates’ quote, which is education kindling the flame not filling over vessel. I think that if you regard assessment in that regard, assessment should be adding fuel to that, the fire of learning, if you like if I’m not stretching that metaphor too far. I think we focus on a number of different things. One is that we think assessment should be integrative, so it should be asking you to draw together various aspects that you’ve been exposed to so far in your learning journey. We also feel it should really promote deeper reflection both about the material that you are being assessed on but also about how you approach that assessment, how you approach learning, and a keyword, resources or authenticity. A lot of our program or we have many programs which are degree apprenticeships where the students or the apprentices are employed and living in a real world of work. We’re very keen that the way we assess reflects something useful in the future professional lives of our students.