Teacher Education

Boost Feedback & Reflective Practice

A short video clip focused on the use of feedback and reflective practice with the help of GoReact.

Hear how James Mitchell describes the use of GoReact to provide feedback and build reflective practice that supports teacher candidates.


JAMES M. MITCHELL: Well, the key thing is reflection and feedback. I’ve often used a skill development model in the past, which shows what feedback can cause in terms of positive learning.

What GoReact has allowed us to do is to present a feedback model that our candidates didn’t have previously. And the feedback between instructor or a supervisor and the candidate or a student is what really has brought us to use GoReact.

GoReact allows our candidates to go to specific points in their lesson that their supervisor is hoping to address with them. And instead of just trying to recall the lesson, which an in-person
experience would offer, GoReact allows our candidate to go and see the point in the lesson that the supervisor is actually referring to. And so a real strong reflective practice is employed there. And the mechanism is just fantastic for us to kind of get to the next level of feedback and reflection.