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Circumvent AI-Generated Answers: Have Students Respond With Video

A video on how to drive meaningful learning and protect academic integrity using video technology

Harper College’s director of the award-winning speech and debate program, Jeff Przybylo, developed “GoReactions” to hear students’ authentic responses to discussion prompts, rather than written essays.


Jeff Przybylo:

Yeah, I stumbled upon something before this past November when this all kind of became really popular to talk about, and I call it a GoReaction. So I’ve been using GoReact since the beginning, and typically I was recording speeches and we were evaluating each other, but then I started using it as a discussion, not a discussion prompt, but instead of a small essay, which I do a lot of in my teamwork class and minor intercultural communication class, I would give the students either a written prompt or a video from YouTube or a video from me where I ask them and then they use GoReact to not write, but to actually talk through the answer to my question. So instead of reading papers, I’m on GoReact listening to students talk through their answers, and I can hear whether it’s their authentic voice or I can see if they’re reading something that they pre-prepared on the screen, and I’ll encourage them to not pre-prepare too much, just to jot some notes down. That’s been really fun to do.