Classroom Observation

A short video on using GoReact for classroom observations

Hear from Pete Morgan about using GoReact for self-reflection; sharing video with coaches, mentors, and teachers; selecting among various modes of time-coded, personalized feedback; and more.


Hi my name is Pete Morgan. I am the instructional design and product expert for professional development and continued education experiences using GoReact. My role here today is to build a foundation of understanding for the updates that GoReact has undergone as they approach professional development and continued education, as well as sharing a few of our greatest and most successful activity types in the professional development space. As a GoReact user inside of professional development or continued education experiences, I become the owner of my skill development, the owner of the content that I’m producing here.

I get to organize all of that content in very particular folders and activities that are mine to manage across the trajectory of my skill development. One of the most commonly successful use cases that we see in the professional development world is a basic skills observation. My ability as the original content creator, the original user here to record myself in progress, applying skills, adapting in the workplace. Now this particular activity allows two major opportunities.

The first and all too often forgotten opportunity is my ability to self reflect, leave feedback and commentary in the form of text, video, audio, color coded markers, even a particular rubric to score myself and become my own harshest critic as I develop skill. The second opportunity here is the ability to connect or share my skill development with my network, my lead teacher, professional mentor, even a coach. As I share this content with what GoReact refers to a guest reviewer via email or portable link. I can share my skills in action with that network and allow those users or guest reviewers to land.

Here, a guest reviewer receives an invitation and launches directly into the feedback portal. This allows a mentor or coach to watch the exact same skills that were set in motion and recorded by the original viewer while leaving time embedded feedback in the same formats video, audio, text, color, coded markers, even the exact same rubric for scoring to help enhance skills development over time.