Nursing Education

Clinical Judgment Toolkit

According to NCSBN, only 20% of healthcare employers believe new RNs are prepared to make clinical judgments on their first day of practice.

To help nursing education programs address this critical problem, we’ve compiled this toolkit with tips, tricks, and best practices for teaching and evaluating clinical judgment with video assessment—while saving time and decreasing workload for nursing faculty.

What’s Inside:

A deep dive into new nurses’ clinical judgment problem

Learn how being unprepared to make clinical judgments has a negative impact on patient care, hospital turnover, and new nurses themselves.

An introduction to the solution: video assessment

Read, watch, and download multiple resources to see how video, combined with powerful feedback tools, enables students to increase clinical judgment by connecting nursing skills to practice.

Guides for using video assessment to teach clinical judgment

Hear success stories from nurse educators who use video assessment in their programs, and get takeaways with practical tips for implementing it in yours.