Nursing Education

Update Your Curriculum to Support Competency-Based Education & the New AACN Essentials

A webinar featuring Ann Van Eerden and Margaret (Peg) Rauschenberger from Alverno College

For academic nursing, recent adoption of the new AACN Essentials marked a formal shift toward competency-based education. The question for nursing programs everywhere is how to update their curricula to support this new framework.

Hear from Ann Van Eerden and Margaret (Peg) Rauschenberger, nursing faculty from Alverno College, how they implemented competency-based education aligned with the new AACN Essentials, and how they’re sharing resourcing across programs.

In this free recorded webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to move toward competency-based education by mapping your curriculum to AACN Essentials domains and competencies
  • Ways that competency-based education has/will change assessment practices
  • The potential impact of these changes on the role of students and the advancement of the profession

Ann Van Eerden, MSN, MS, RN, CNE, NCSN

Ann Van Eerden graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a Master of Science degree in Nursing from Alverno College. She also has a Master of Science degree in Health Care Management and a graduate certificate in Public Health from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. She maintains certifications in Nursing Education (CNE) and School Nursing (NCSN). As Associate Professor of Nursing and Director of undergraduate nursing programs at Alverno College, her work includes developing curricula for a traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, a 2+2 nursing program, a direct entry Master of Nursing program and health education and public health programs. She has served as a consultant on nursing education and student assessment to colleges and universities in the U.S and Canada and has been a key member of the faculty team on curricular design and nursing accreditation. With her colleagues, she recently completed a series of webinars on the new AACN Essentials.

Margaret (Peg) Rauschenberger, MSN, RN

Peg Rauschenberger has a clinical background in Psychiatric / Mental Health Nursing and Nursing Administration and has been in nursing education for over 26 years. At Alverno College, she is a Professor and Dean Emerita of the JoAnn McGrath School of Nursing and Health Professions and currently serves as the Associate Dean of the School of Adult Learning and New Initiatives, focusing on new program development. She has been successful at building community/academic partnerships and has expertise in curriculum development and competency-based assessment. She provides mental health nursing services for children and adolescents at the Milwaukee County Juvenile Detention Center and has actively worked with juvenile correctional facilities across Wisconsin to identify and address the mental health issues experienced by incarcerated youth. She has served as a consultant to colleges and universities in the U.S and Canada on nursing education and student assessment and was recently the plenary speaker on competency-based education at a national conference.